Too Many Things

What was I thinking?

The past week has gone by so quickly that there were a lot of highlights that shouldn’t be forgotten but I know that shouldn’t be mentioned here in this blog. I don’t want to sound boastful but after three years of working in this great company where I am right now, I finally touched that 5-star employee pin even with the exception that I had one day sick leave during the last quarter. I was one of the 5-star employees who won that prestigious ( for me ) pin and certificate. Being nominated is already great for me and it means that my hard work paid off during the last quarter of organizing, meeting deadlines, talking to angry and happy guests, answering the phone which never stopped ringing for five hours during the holidays, and being able to put it all together in an organized manner. Of course this wouldn’t be possible without the help of everyone who has supported me which I am throwing a big thank you at! ( Even though they don’t read my blog)

I wanted to post all the photos of the awarding but I felt like I posted enough in my Instagram and Facebook account with all the excitement that has gotten to me on that day.

This photo consists of my boss and I


Before the awarding happened, Sy and I met in the morning to pick up my roommate from the airport. My roommate gave me my significant other’s present which is Baymax! I was so happy when I knew that it was from my significant other and made sure that it sleeps beside me.

In the afternoon, one of our managers called me and asked me if I have something to wear already in the awarding ceremony and told her that I only have my mask and a cocktail dress would be alright. She told me that this is a once in a life time experience and I won’t know when will I get nominated again so it’s better to give it a shot and have fun at the ceremony. Well, it was fun and exciting! So I did borrow her dress which I thought was too much but it turned out to be fabulous! I did my hair and make-up so.. don’t judge me! I am no expert.

I started to go on a regular basis again to the gym. I tried my best not to be tempted to smoke and go to the gym instead. I now run every other day to meet my goal of 50kgs by the end of April.

The yearly performance development review was this month and so I did mine with my boss today. Is it bad not to have a long term goal? He honestly asked me why I have left it blank and he said that it might be a bad sign. Not having a long term goal is like saying that I don’t have a plan at all in my future career. I was hesitating to speak and to tell him the truth that yes, I feel lost and I don’t know where to go and what to concentrate on right now. He told me that I am good with a handful of things and that’s not bad. However, not having a single long term goal or maybe a dream is not good as well.

I’m 25 without a certain long term goal.


But yes, I have two goals, contentment and happiness.

Sincerely happy,


Iya Rai


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