One Sunday, Two Girls

Ever since my boss changed my day off to Sunday, Sy and I had been spending our Sunday off afternoons listening to Mariah Carey who is both our favorite or him watching the Miss Universe 2015 over and over again while doing our laundries.

Yesterday, I told him that we can battle the cold weather to catch a few good shots. I haven’t used Squidee and his new lens for a while so I was itching to do a photo shoot and Sy happens to be the only person available! Here are the photos we took yesterday.









These photos were taken near our company accommodation in Seef District.







I recently mentioned in my previous post about my frustration of the media limit of the free plan here in WordPress so I found a way to post more photos that’s by uploading it in Flicker and putting the link of the photos in the post. It’s too much work but still good enough to post photos for this blog. I am just new with this process so I am confused why the landscaped photos looked smaller here in this post and the portrait photo taken like the one below is a full sized. If anyone can help me, please comment in this post.


Sincerely still trying to figure out Flickr,

Iya Rai


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