Ending A Relationship


I spoke with a friend today about how his relationship ended back in October but was still going out with the lady until late November. I am not judging the ex-girlfriend because I was not there to witness what they’ve been through for almost 4 years so I am in no position to criticize what she has or has not done to make the relationship get better. But I am criticizing about the lady from my friend’s point of view and the way he told me the story.  If there is one thing that I learned during the last five years, it is staying open-minded and being able to communicate how I feel and not be shy to talk about it specially if it’s a matter of the heart. 

Working in a different environment and industry from a significant other is somewhat difficult. He or she might not process or understand how your work affects you personally and your relationship because we are all individuals and we have our own attitude towards the work that we give our passion to everyday. But finding another person of interest at work is a common temptation and risk. You might have the same time of schedule, same trials faced, same victories to share with, and similarities in work experience. What I feel about this is that if you find a person of interest at work, you should be able to communicate this to your significant other. If you truly respect the bond and foundation of your more than 2 years of relationship, then you will be upfront with honesty that you just don’t want to give up on your relationship just yet. It is a common and immature concept that if we find someone new who seems better than your current significant other, we break it up and start anew. If you respect the person and the  long term relationship, you should’ve given it a chance and just keep the feelings to yourself. You should inform your significant other something like, “Hey, I think we’re not working out. And another guy/girl catches my attention every time at work. I don’t want us to separate in a bad way. So I want to try us again and to give ourselves another chance to see if it works out.” Then if it doesn’t work out, you break things off. No pressure and bad feelings at all because at least you tried to work things out. But some people are really just so immature. I admit to this mistake in the past with my current significant other who was my number two back then, that was six years ago. But as I grew, I learned that open communication is important. Never leave the other party look stupid. Although, my friend already knew what was happening and she denied everything only to admit it towards the end of the relationship.

I hope that she finds happiness with her new man and my friend will definitely find the perfect girl for him.


This is for you RGT, it’s a sign that she’s not the one.


Sincerely supporting RGT’s new found freedom,


Iya Rai


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