FW in 2016

Happy 2016 WordPress!

I would like to greet everyone a Happy New Year! Happy 2016! I know that it’s late and it’s been more than a week since 2016 started but it’s better late than never! A week ago, I was disappointed when I was about to upload some photos here in WordPress and it didn’t allow me because I have reached my upload limit which made me frustrated because I wanted to post more photos I took from my recent activities on the first week of the year! I was so frustrated that I went back to Blogger and post the photos there. But today, I really missed WordPress and I wanted to come back so I tried again to upload maybe one photo but from a different computer and it worked. This made me come to a decision to make the new Blogger blog I created a few days back to private. I loved WordPress for more than a year now and I couldn’t think of any reason to leave it simply because it’s amazing and interactive.

Now that I have somehow figured out how to upload more photos to this blog, I would like to share how my 2015 ended and how my 2016 started. As most of my readers of this blog know, I am living and working in the Middle East. I work in a fast-paced industry where service is its main product. I am thankful and contented in my job as some has seen in my recent blog post. But my 2015 somehow ended with another disagreement. Complaints can be prevented but there are really some aspects of a New Year’s Eve party that will end terribly. I don’t want to go more into detail of how it ended but I am still lucky and thankful that I came out alive of 2015. The first hours of 2016 got me thinking if I still want to be in the same position before 2016 ends, a position not only in the job but in the location too.

Before the New Year’s Eve party


2 hours away from the New Year’s Eve party

I start to become emotional when I think about reuniting with my significant other a priority instead of progressing in my career. Most readers who ready my earliest posts in 2014 know what I’m talking about. I feel like after three years of staying in ME (which I will discuss later in this post), I am still incapable of emotionally controlling myself when I yearn for my significant other and my family. There are times when I always wanted to go home but don’t want to end up working in a call center because the industry where I’m working back home doesn’t even pay half of what I’m earning here. Yes, given that I am comparing two different countries and continents makes it a huge difference.

I have been called a nagger girlfriend for pushing my significant other in landing a job and it hurts. You want what’s best for them and landing a job earlier than expected is not only for us but for him more importantly. I just see clearly now how settling down after 30 looks like, alone; which is pretty amazing.

No need to worry about anybody else but myself.

Two days ago, I also turned three in the ME. I arrived in ME on 7th of January 2013 and you may watch my video reaction on turning three in ME in my YouTube channel which you can find in my link list at the right hand side of this page or click the link below.

One of my colleagues made me borrow his tripod in trade of him borrowing my 35mm lens for two days during his birthday! Today’s going to be the last day that I’ll be using it so most probably I’ll be making a video.. or not. I am not really sure.

I would like to share too that I started to hit the gym again two days ago after a month of not being able to work out because of my busy schedule. I usually go to the gym around 8 pm since my working hours ends at 7 pm.

Looking forward to another year in WordPress blogging!

Sincerely excited for the rest of 2016,

Iya Rai


I hit the gym earlier this evening!


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