Turn Around

I am currently in the embassy right now waiting for my turn for my passport renewal photo. I just realized how lucky I am to be single and not married or with kids. I was able to fill up the form quickly specially when the guy asked me, “You’re married?”  while looking at the ring at my left hand. I answered confidently, “No.” And that’s it. No more questions asked and I just needed to pay for the passport renewal fee. I find it very convenient being single. No kid responsibilities and I can worry only about myself. Sounds selfish but I am loving reaping the benefits of it. While I’m waiting, I see parents with three kids and while I keep myself busy reading about Harry Potter news, a few chairs away, people are trying to calm their children running around. I don’t dislike it but I don’t see myself doing the same. I am exhausted and sad about knowing that my bestfriend’s moving to Hawaii for good. That means that when I go home this year, I won’t get to see her and I’m terrified. I only have her and Mariel. Mariel already has a child and I feel like I won’t be able to relate the same when I get home.  Continue reading “Turn Around”


Too Many Things

What was I thinking?

The past week has gone by so quickly that there were a lot of highlights that shouldn’t be forgotten but I know that shouldn’t be mentioned here in this blog. I don’t want to sound boastful but after three years of working in this great company where I am right now, I finally touched that 5-star employee pin even with the exception that I had one day sick leave during the last quarter. I was one of the 5-star employees who won that prestigious ( for me ) pin and certificate. Being nominated is already great for me and it means that my hard work paid off during the last quarter of organizing, meeting deadlines, talking to angry and happy guests, answering the phone which never stopped ringing for five hours during the holidays, and being able to put it all together in an organized manner. Of course this wouldn’t be possible without the help of everyone who has supported me which I am throwing a big thank you at! ( Even though they don’t read my blog)

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One Sunday, Two Girls

Ever since my boss changed my day off to Sunday, Sy and I had been spending our Sunday off afternoons listening to Mariah Carey who is both our favorite or him watching the Miss Universe 2015 over and over again while doing our laundries.

Yesterday, I told him that we can battle the cold weather to catch a few good shots. I haven’t used Squidee and his new lens for a while so I was itching to do a photo shoot and Sy happens to be the only person available! Here are the photos we took yesterday. Continue reading “One Sunday, Two Girls”

Ending A Relationship


I spoke with a friend today about how his relationship ended back in October but was still going out with the lady until late November. I am not judging the ex-girlfriend because I was not there to witness what they’ve been through for almost 4 years so I am in no position to criticize what she has or has not done to make the relationship get better. But I am criticizing about the lady from my friend’s point of view and the way he told me the story.  If there is one thing that I learned during the last five years, it is staying open-minded and being able to communicate how I feel and not be shy to talk about it specially if it’s a matter of the heart.  Continue reading “Ending A Relationship”




Last week, my colleagues and I went on a late Christmas and New Year gathering. We went to a bar called B28 in Swissbell Hotel in Seef Area which features a good city view. The prices of their drinks are affordable too!_DSC1895 _DSC1893 _DSC1902


We played a game called white elephant which makes you pick out a number from the bowl and it will be your order in choosing the gifts that are displayed on the table. I received these gifts which is amazing!


Iya Rai