There was a moment of clatter in my mind after the situation happened before my eyes. I was hesitant to even give a sincere smile from my heart so I smiled normally like I would smile to a stranger.  I didn’t want to create confusion and distraction from his eyes.

I am sincerely being nice as a friend and if I couldn’t stay longer, it only means and shows that at least I am making time to greet and give a present which is my presence. Giving an hour and a half of my life means that it is to become a part of those important people in my life. Important but not really a priority. Being there might have even given slight confusion and me leaving earlier than expected might make an essence yearn for something more that I can give, but I can’t.

I will leave it as a sign of my existence in those hours.

I hope that my presence meant something more to you.


Iya Rai


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