Keeping My Head Held High

It feels good when you trust someone and trusts you in return.

..Only, that he or she wasn’t.

I’ll be turning 25 in a few weeks and I’m reflecting on the way I am around other people. It’s a little distracting though that I have still this innocence of trusting people. I am very careful in choosing the people I trust due to past experiences but it hurts so bad when they doubt you. This has nothing to do with my personal life or at work but in general. I tend to be sincerely kind and trusting to the wrong people who are praising me in front of other people for them to look good or maybe because they have to because of social norms but sincerely doubts me deeply.

I don’t like that. Who likes that? Nobody wants to be stabbed behind their back.

But thanks to you, I have a stronger self and mind not only prove myself worthy of my current position as a human being and a person but to do what I do best everyday that makes me happy. Just because something unusual doesn’t mean that you have to question it every time specially when you seem  to trust the person. Or so.. I thought.

It hurts when the people you trust doubts you to the extent that they use other people to show just how much of a useless monster user they are.

Do not be a hypocrite and give recognition if it’s not sincere.

Sincerely moving on from the drama of today,

Iya Rai


2 thoughts on “Keeping My Head Held High

    1. Thank you for your comment and I am glad that you enjoyed the honesty in this post. I always make sure that honesty is a priority in all my posts. As the title says Miss Iya Rai’s Daily Encounters. I hope you’ll enjoy more posts from this blog 🙂

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