Day Off Snaps

I haven’t posted recently cos I’ve been lazy going to the gym and at the same time writing! It must be the hormones kicking. Anyways, I will try to go back to the gym at the end of this week and try to write everyday here.

First things first.

I joined the Christmas Choir this year to at least give in return to the company I’m working for my so called little talent in singing. However, after how kany practices, I have grown a little hate on the songs we sing simply because I don’t know most of the songs and I know it takes time to know it but my problem is that I don’t have the sincerity in singing those song. I don’t wish people a Happy Christmas because I know that I won’t be having a Merry or at least Happy Christmas. This sincerity that is missing in me makes me sing the songs so normal. Our conductor said that we have to be genuine and sincere while singing the songs and feel that Christmas is coming or better yet here already. I can’t let myself lie to myself. I am the type of person that if it’s not yet here then it’s not. Don’t force something that it not real. Don’t live in a fantasy just to make the singing get better. Whoa, okay. This post is not supposed to be a rant. It’s supposed to be a wrap up of the following weeks that I wasn’t able to update this blog. So moving on, I feel like I don’t want to attend the practice tonight anymore not just because of my reasons but because of my job’s needs. I am getting busier everyday because of the Festive Season and I feel like I will not be able to commit to it. 


Last week during my day off, I went to this new Japanese restaurant in City Center and I actually enjoyed the food. They have big servings. However, I felt like it was too expensive.

I couldn’t remember each item’s price but my total bill was BHD10. That was only for my Edamame, green tea, one small bottle of mineral water, and vegetarian ramen.

The previous week as well, I had been craving for Tom Yum Soup but this is not the soup from Pong Thai where me, my brother, and my sister-in-law went. I decided not to take photos during our dinner in Pong Thai since I already posted here in the past about it.

This is from Yum Yum Tree at Seef Mall. It tastes so commercial. Well that’s what I get for buying a BD1.800 Tom Yum Soup.

 The past week showed signs of the changing weather. It became windy and cloudy! This photo was taken while I was on my way to work.

Oh.. And um. I bought a new pair of shoes.. Again! But this is something special. So when me and my room mate decided to go get our groceries, we passed by some shops that are with 50% to 70% sale in selected items. My eyes caught this gem the moment we stepped in Forever21. Note that this is the last piece and it’s my size! From BD14 to BD10.. I grabbed it and didn’t hesitate to buy it.

A few snaps requested by my room mate after eating dinner at our all time favorite restaurant, IHOP.

I guess that’s it.


Iya 💋


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