Changing Schedules & Anniversary

I haven’t been blogging lately because my schedule from work changed two weeks ago. My boss assigned me to an outlet to work as a hostess temporarily so I was working as a restaurant reservation agent from 2pm to 7pm and hostessing a restaurant from 7pm to 11pm. That sucks because I really didn’t the schedule. First of all, I will not be able to go to gym not because it’s closed but because I’m already tired standing for 4 hours but I got the hang of it after a week and was even able to save myself from being broke because I got my tip for the week. It was 50% fine for me but I missed my 10am to 7pm schedule simply because it’s the best schedule an employee can have. It’s not too early and it’s not too late as well. With my original schedule, I get to socialize and spend two or three more hours to myself by going to the gym for an hour or go out after that with my brother and sister-in-law or colleagues. But despite my disagreement with the change of schedule, I don’t have a choice but when I speak up last week and informed that I just can’t be their hostess until they hire someone, I have my Christmas bookings coming up and I love and miss my job. Reservations is my baby. So when they realized that I really didn’t like it there, they had to release me. It’s not that I don’t like it there because I get to learn something new but I mean come on, I can’t just be the only lady capable of doing hostessing in the company. Go get someone better than me who was a hostess before. But enough with that. I just wanted to share my experience for the past two weeks since I wasn’t able to post anything interesting here.


So.. Today I didn’t really planned on posting anything because I couldn’t remember anything interesting I did for the past weeks although… I left a few drafts to work on and post it as soon as I get my itchy hands to writing. I saw in my notification area a trophy! And it shows that it’s my anniversary today with WordPress! Time flies so fast! A year! Well, I still didn’t reveal my face and my identity that time because I was going through a rough period and only that I realized that it really had been a year since I’ve been trying to satisfy and make myself happy by asking someone else to do it for me. And now that I’m still here in the Middle East, working, posting this blog post, happy, satisfied, I couldn’t ask for more. Sometimes, it gets hard when I miss home and think that I should just go home and find work there but right now, I am still happy and as long as that’s what is happening, I don’t want to change anything.

Thanks WordPress for letting me in and listening to my rants every now and then. Glad to see you’re happy with my daily word vomits.

Happy Anniversary!

Sincerely happy,

Iya Rai


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