The Lies of Love’s Temptation

Some melodies were made for love

And some songs were covered to portray admiration

But will I ever be able to show you the love that I have

And sing to you the songs that I have hidden from your compassion

I didn’t mean to go away from you

You arrived at the wrong time and place

I wished you came earlier and sooner

But we wouldn’t find each other;

If it wasn’t for the agony that has been presented upon us

But what if this agony is the sign for us to be together?

Should I take that risk?

Shall I make a wish?

I wanted to hear you play

I wanted to hear you sing

I wanted to look through those eyes and never regret

Just for a few minutes, let me look at you and say Hi.

Will you let me love you?

Just for a second, a look, at a distance, once, then gone.

I shall be gone, away from your melodies, songs, and your voice..

© 2015 | Mariya Raiza B. Vergara


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