Photo Diary : Grand Mosque

This was our tour’s last stop! Thank goodness! The trip from the Tree of Life to Grand Mosque which is located in the main city made everybody in the bus go to a deep sleep. I wasn’t able to sleep. I was watching the places that our bus passed by on our way back to the main city. Here are photos from our last stop, The Grand Mosque – it is the largest mosque in Bahrain. Men and women who enter the mosque are required to wear the traditional clothes. Abaya and niquab for women and tobe for men. But some of men in our group didn’t wear! Pasaway -_-

_DSC1668  _DSC1669 _DSC1670 _DSC1671 _DSC1672 _DSC1673 _DSC1674 _DSC1677 _DSC1678 _DSC1679 _DSC1680 _DSC1681 _DSC1682 _DSC1683 _DSC1684 _DSC1687 _DSC1689 _DSC1690 _DSC1691 _DSC1692 _DSC1693 _DSC1696 _DSC1697 _DSC1699 _DSC1700 _DSC1702 _DSC1703 _DSC1705 _DSC1707 _DSC1708 _DSC1710 _DSC1711 _DSC1712 _DSC1713 _DSC1714 _DSC1715 _DSC1717 _DSC1720 _DSC1721 _DSC1722 _DSC1723 _DSC1728 _DSC1730 _DSC1731 _DSC1733 _DSC1734 _DSC1737 _DSC1738 _DSC1739 _DSC1741 _DSC1742 _DSC1743 _DSC1746 _DSC1747 _DSC1750 _DSC1752 _DSC1753 _DSC1754 _DSC1755 _DSC1756 _DSC1760 _DSC1762 _DSC1763 _DSC1766 _DSC1767 _DSC1774 _DSC1775 _DSC1776 _DSC1777 _DSC1778 _DSC1779


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