Changing Schedules & Anniversary

I haven’t been blogging lately because my schedule from work changed two weeks ago. My boss assigned me to an outlet to work as a hostess temporarily so I was working as a restaurant reservation agent from 2pm to 7pm and hostessing a restaurant from 7pm to 11pm. That sucks because I really didn’t the schedule. First of all, I will not be able to go to gym not because it’s closed but because I’m already tired standing for 4 hours but I got the hang of it after a week and was even able to save myself from being broke because I got my tip for the week. It was 50% fine for me but I missed my 10am to 7pm schedule simply because it’s the best schedule an employee can have. It’s not too early and it’s not too late as well. With my original schedule, I get to socialize and spend two or three more hours to myself by going to the gym for an hour or go out after that with my brother and sister-in-law or colleagues. But despite my disagreement with the change of schedule, I don’t have a choice but when I speak up last week and informed that I just can’t be their hostess until they hire someone, I have my Christmas bookings coming up and I love and miss my job. Reservations is my baby. Continue reading “Changing Schedules & Anniversary”


Standing at The Edge

It is hard to see

How blind our love could be

It is hard to let go

When it’s all about us that I know


Forever seemed to never exist

But to only resist

The truth if love’s binding force

Or should I say, love’s unbinding curse?


I don’t see you now like before

I trust that I’m still in love in the same way

But I don’t see the man I fell in love to

Would that be the cause?


I needed you too much

I expected this to last a lifetime

But I just can’t see us

All I see are individuals hungry for freedom and acceptance

© 2015 | Mariya Raiza B. Vergara

The Lies of Love’s Temptation

Some melodies were made for love

And some songs were covered to portray admiration

But will I ever be able to show you the love that I have

And sing to you the songs that I have hidden from your compassion

I didn’t mean to go away from you

You arrived at the wrong time and place

I wished you came earlier and sooner

But we wouldn’t find each other;

If it wasn’t for the agony that has been presented upon us

But what if this agony is the sign for us to be together?

Should I take that risk?

Shall I make a wish?

I wanted to hear you play

I wanted to hear you sing

I wanted to look through those eyes and never regret

Just for a few minutes, let me look at you and say Hi.

Will you let me love you?

Just for a second, a look, at a distance, once, then gone.

I shall be gone, away from your melodies, songs, and your voice..

© 2015 | Mariya Raiza B. Vergara

Photo Diary : Grand Mosque

This was our tour’s last stop! Thank goodness! The trip from the Tree of Life to Grand Mosque which is located in the main city made everybody in the bus go to a deep sleep. I wasn’t able to sleep. I was watching the places that our bus passed by on our way back to the main city. Here are photos from our last stop, The Grand Mosque – it is the largest mosque in Bahrain. Men and women who enter the mosque are required to wear the traditional clothes. Abaya and niquab for women and tobe for men. But some of men in our group didn’t wear! Pasaway -_-

_DSC1668   Continue reading “Photo Diary : Grand Mosque”