Backstabbing Softly

I should’ve known. When will I ever learn?

A few days ago, I was backstabbed by one of my colleagues who I think was a person that I have a good working relationship with. I am the type of person that if someone from my colleagues seeks help and if I have the time and skill to do their request, I will do it. But I should’ve known better.. not do it. At first, when it was brought up and I was caught in the situation, I was just quiet because to me, it’s not personal and the person’s not that close to me so I didn’t think of it as a backstabbing situation. When someone told me that what happened was hitting me hard on the face and backstabbing me in front of a lot of people but in a kind and soft way, I realized that yes, the person did but I didn’t care not until that someone told me how it looked like. I didn’t continue thinking about it although it taught me a lesson learned from being too kind and too helpful. I should be given an award though for not giving a shit when someone that’s not close to me stabs me from the back.

But I find this interesting.. A few years ago, if someone will do this to me, I immediately respond, protect, and defend myself. But recently I noticed that I don’t even give a shit if someone calls me fat, loner, and always frowning. I simple just don’t give a shit in anything anymore.

Iya Rai, what have you become?

Sincerely not giving a shit right now,

Iya rai


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