To fear or not to fear

Fear becomes strength when a person overcomes it.

But what happens if we overindulge ourselves with fear? We stop trying because we can only see one result of the next decision or action we might take. We tend to look into the negativity that we ourselves planted in our minds. The experience of losing the nth time around is what drives me in fear most of the time. I am afraid of losing so much that losing anything will impact my entire life. I tend to overthink and not just let things happen. I believe in planning therefore, if everything goes in plan, everything will turn out fine. And if not, then I’ll make sure to have multiple alternatives to choose from.
To Fear

Why would I fear? Why would you fear? There is no confidence and trust because there is no truth present at hand.

Not to Fear

Why would I not fear? There is confidence and a bounty of truths or mistaken confidence with concealed lies.

As facts start to pour and the origin is the truth, speak of it by heart and the lies will vanish upon the recital of your truths.

To fear or not to fear.

Sincerely acting brave,

Iya Rai


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