Photo Diary: Camel Farm

When we arrived at the camel farm, one camel was being held against its will while the people working there were holding a rope and pulling its head I guess. I didn’t want to go near it because just hearing it scream breaks my heart. I cannot have the courage to see an animal hurting. But the tour guide said that they were marking the camels that’s why a rope was holding it. But it still looks unreasonable to do it that way. I mean, there must be a better way. I just can’t look. Anyways, when it ended, I felt great that I can take photos of the camels at peace. _DSC1513 _DSC1514

DSC_0100 _DSC1515 _DSC1518 _DSC1519 _DSC1520 _DSC1521 _DSC1522 _DSC1526 _DSC1527 _DSC1528 _DSC1530 _DSC1532 _DSC1534 _DSC1536 _DSC1537 _DSC1538 _DSC1540 _DSC1541 _DSC1543 _DSC1544 _DSC1545 _DSC1549 _DSC1551 _DSC1554 _DSC1555 _DSC1559 _DSC1560

Sincerely sleepy,

Iya Rai 🙂


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