Photo Diary: Bahrain Fort

I arrived in Bahrain on January of 2013 but I was only able to visit places that my brother and my sister-in-law showed me. When I accepted my first job in Bahrain, the schedule didn’t actually gave me a chance to experience visiting other tourist attractions and participate in FAM Tours which I just attended today!


When the email was sent a few days ago by our Chief Concierge, I told myself that I am not going to let this opportunity go away. Squidee hasn’t been out of his bag for a long time due to my inability to take photos outside because he’s too heavy to carry with me and besides, if I’m going to the mall, I feel that I don’t need to bring him with me. I asked my boss to give me 1 day of my pending public holidays. He asked me the reason why and I said that I’ve been here in Bahrain for 2 and a half years but I still haven’t visited some of the country’s iconic sites. He said yes but in return (I guess) later that day when I asked that he wanted me to work 1p.m. to 10p.m. on Monday evening which was last night! =( Although I came home late, went to the gym late, and slept late, I was still happy and excited to go on the FAM Tour. So here are some photos from our first stop which is Bahrain Fort. Please forgive me if I won’t be able to provide more description about this site because I was busy experiencing the heat ( really? ), yes, the heat, the sunshine of Bahrain, and taking photos.


Attendance check. Me: Present!

Found a new guy at work who speaks Ilocano, shares the same dilemma of the hot weather in Bahrain, and he’s from Baguio City. Well, I’m not born in Baguio but Baguio will always be my second home.

_DSC1403 _DSC1407


_DSC1412 _DSC1414 _DSC1415 _DSC1416 _DSC1417 _DSC1421

Oh yes, but I did.. I’m sorry!
Yes Clarence, thank you for reminding me how good of a photo bomber you are! >=O

_DSC1436 _DSC1417 _DSC1429 _DSC1434 _DSC1439 _DSC1438 _DSC1442 _DSC1444_DSC1452 _DSC1454 _DSC1456 _DSC1458 _DSC1469 _DSC1470 _DSC1472 _DSC1473 _DSC1479 _DSC1478

Guys, really.. Thank you for being my models but it seems like I only have one photo or two of all the photos I took in Bahrain Fort.

With our chief concierge who made this Bahrain Fam Tour a success! Salamat po Kuya!
I’m not sure if I’m photo bombing him or he’s photo bombing me.
Here you go Simon, your stolen shot. I feel like this photo of you three can pass as a toothpaste commercial! Haha. Kidding!

_DSC1476 _DSC1475 _DSC1474 _DSC1487 _DSC1488 _DSC1489 _DSC1491 _DSC1492 _DSC1493 _DSC1495

Talkin about how amazing the content of this blog will be since they’re going to be a part of the content. Really? :p


_DSC1500 _DSC1502_DSC1503IMG_6053IMG_6061IMG_6062



Sincerely still posting more of my FAM Tour experience in Bahrain,

Iya Rai


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