There is no exact definition of a moment so intense that I hoped it could last longer but it didn’t. It was the first week of December when I attended a royal wedding and we had to stay at the palace for two days. I was assigned as a server but attending the royal wedding isn’t the highlight of this post. It was those few moments of tranquility and pure joy inside a burning desire that is forbidden to show.I know from the start that it wasn’t infatuation nor it was love. It is more of admiration and appreciation of someone so kind and genuine.   Continue reading “Mistaken”


We are what we don’t see

I only had 6 hours sleep but whatever I have done before that had marked how awful of a person I really am. I’ve been trying to avoid drinking with people from work who aren’t close to me because I don’t like them to see how I look like when I’m drunk. But if it’s Klang Klang or Ate Maricel, it’s okay. Both of them are my only walls to lean on in times of need and they did give me what I need in the most sincere way. Even though he’s drunk enough to stay in bed, he dropped me to my room and into my room and together with Ate Maricel, removed my shoes. Continue reading “We are what we don’t see”

Backstabbing Softly

I should’ve known. When will I ever learn?

A few days ago, I was backstabbed by one of my colleagues who I think was a person that I have a good working relationship with. I am the type of person that if someone from my colleagues seeks help and if I have the time and skill to do their request, I will do it. But I should’ve known better.. not do it. Continue reading “Backstabbing Softly”

To fear or not to fear

Fear becomes strength when a person overcomes it.

But what happens if we overindulge ourselves with fear? We stop trying because we can only see one result of the next decision or action we might take. We tend to look into the negativity that we ourselves planted in our minds. The experience of losing the nth time around is what drives me in fear most of the time. Continue reading “To fear or not to fear”