Looking Back on Travels

Since I made my blogpost posts all into drafts, I still wish to share what places I was able to visit during the last four years of my life. I’m turning 25 in a few months as I look back about the places I visited, I tend to regret and neglect how lucky I was to visit those places. I should thank my family for being able to send me to school and reputable university to finish my education. If it wasn’t because of them, I wouldn’t be able to visit places that I saved my salary for.2011 yeayepee (7)

Pugad Adventure, Pugo, La Union  – October of 2011

2011 (14)
Iya Rai at 20

My significant other and his family usually go out of town for a family outing every end of the semester. His parents invited me and I couldn’t say no even if I was afraid to do the zipline. I said that I will only try the other type of zipline where you’re just sitting down but his mother was pretty adventurous and told me that if she can do the superman zipline, I could too. I haven’t made the decision yet his mother already paid for the activity so no choice, let’s go! We weren’t able to take photos of ourselves doing the zipline although my DSLR was with me. I was afraid that I might drop it while in the middle of the zipline. It was fun. I’d never thought that I would be able to pull it off but my heart was beating fast and I can feel the smile on my face. Thanks to his parents, I became more excited and adventurous as a persons and I never thought I would awaken that side of me.

My Brother’s Wedding – Bulacan – February, 2012

Our relatives drove to Bulacan to witness my brother’s wedding and it was a great trip because we stayed at this resort called Lawiswis Kawayan. It looked like a family reunion since most of my cousins who are working in Manila attended the wedding as well!



On our way to NLEX is the beautiful view of Mt. Arayat in the morning.

We left La Union around 3 or 4 in the morning and headed to Bulacan. Some of my mother’s relatives from Leyte traveled to La Union to come with us to Bulacan and attend my brother’s wedding.




Asin Swimming Park – April, 2012

554402_409251862426706_100000256881596_1539144_13802188_n 560402_409252772426615_100000256881596_1539164_264340150_n 575279_409252439093315_100000256881596_1539156_143982552_n 576592_409252815759944_100000256881596_1539166_279129367_n 579119_409252032426689_100000256881596_1539146_2034056990_n 582223_409252235760002_100000256881596_1539150_1023411406_n

There will always be a wonderful reason why we need to spend time with friends. College hype hangover! I used to work in a call center at a 4 by 11 schedule. You work four days but 11 hours a day. I was only able to sleep for 2 hours when my college friends texted me and to meet up at the jeepney station going to Asin. It was unplanned. Well I guess they just happened to have the same day offs but I had work the night of that day.  As I was eager to meet my friends, I grabbed some clothes for swimming and went to the jeepney station. They said that we’ll contribute for the money spent on food when we reach the place. I couldn’t remember if I even had enough money that time. Well that fun thing is we went for swimming and when were about to go home, there was no jeepney available and I have to catch at least 4 hours sleep before I go to work at 9 in the evening. It was 4:30pm when we were able to ride a jeepney going back to the City of Pines and 30 minutes more ride to my comfort home. I slept for two hours and prepared for work. Although I had lack of sleep which me and my significant other fought about, my heart was satisfied to spend time with them.

Doha, Qatar – Stop Over – January, 2013


Now this is something different and big. It was my first time riding an airplane but the good thing is that I wasn’t alone. My brother and my sister-in-law who paid for my flight for vacation in Bahrain was able to find someone for me to be with at least for the 9-hour flight from Philippines to Doha. A close friend of theirs who is returning to Doha from his vacation in the Philippines is leaving in the same flight. I just turned 22 in December of 2012 and couldn’t get the experience sink in immediately for me to be able to adapt. I was on the plane crying thinking about my significant other being away. Well not just him really but from all of the people who are close to my heart. On our way to Qatar, the friend of my brother and sister-in-law told me about the dos and don’ts when I arrive in Doha. There was a bus that’s going to take the passengers from the plane to the airport. It was cold we arrived in Qatar. I’ve never felt so far away from home since the moment I stepped into the airport of Doha. I’m going to be in Transit while the friend of my brother and sister-in-law is going to be dropped at the arrivals area. Since,  I only have 45 minutes for the stop over, I repeatedly said to myself as I arrived at the airport to, “Find your gate first, find a kiosk, and then eat.”  I was able to locate the gate in which my flight to Bahrain will depart thanks to a lot of customer service desks in the airport. I had to find a kiosk to check-in facebook and send a facebook chat message to my brother to inform them that I arrived in Doha. Before I look for food, I will always remember how shitty I felt about my stomach that I had to run to the washroom. My brother warned me about this. Due to the pressure inside the plane, loose bowel movement might occur and it did, to me. After spending some time in the washroom, I was amazed at how clean the washrooms were. I felt more away than ever. I walked around the airport and asked where the food court is. I changed some of remaining peso to Qatari riyal not knowing how much the conversion is. I just need to eat! After eating, I still had like 20 minutes prior to the boarding time so I walked slowly and watched how busy the airport was. Listening to Paramore’s Brighter (my number 1 favorite song of all time) made me miss home again. I sat at the waiting area watching other people with their earphones on and as I wait for my boarding time, I try to keep myself together and try to face this one last plane ride before arriving Bahrain. I’m going to be alone and I’m going to own it. I will not let fear eat me. I was afraid to travel alone. But this is going to be just 30 minutes plane ride and it’s going to be fast, I can’t give up on that. I know that I will not fail to travel alone as I trust that my good communication skills will allow me to travel smoothly and it did, at least for this flight. I arrived in Bahrain around 2 am. I was nervous to step out of the airport finally but excited at the same time to see my brother and his wife again. And as I step out, I smiled and saw them and a friend smiling and waving back at me.

Kingdom of Bahrain – January 2013

Let’s face it, 22 is a very young age to be able to get a job abroad but with the luxury of having a family in the same location should make it better. I was 22 and excited not worrying about the emotional problems that I will be able to face as the months passed by. I didn’t care about anything, I wanted to visit and go back home that’s all. But a job has found me and I can’t let go. I don’t travel that much within the country (or should I say island) due to my first job’s schedule. I tried to stop myself from participating in activities because I felt like if I’m doing something fun, my significant other should too. I was naïve and drunk in the love that he has made me create. I forgot how happy it was to be on my own and to do activities without him will never have an impact in how we strong we are for each other. Emotional breakdowns still continue now but I still try to keep myself together to avoid damage to myself and well my room too. Haha.

Taal Vista Hotel – Tagaytay – June 2014

DSC_2052 DSC_2063 DSC_2090 _DSC1855

This is an experience that could’ve been happier if it wasn’t for something bad that happened between me and my significant other within my last six months of stay in Bahrain before going home. I still can’t remember now whose fault it was or have just moved on and let it lay there in the past. We told ourselves that we’ll not dwell in it because it will just ruin what we have right now and what we might have ahead. So I kept it there. It was our first time going out of town alone. No parents or relatives to sit down or take photos with. Just the two of us. Our suite with a terrace overlooking the Taal Volcano only made our stay even more unforgettable.


There was something wrong with Squidee…….

After a fulfilling pinoy buffet breakfast 🙂

_DSC1888 _DSC1887 _DSC1885 _DSC1886 _DSC1913

As a 23 year old who has her own money to decide what she wants to do with it made me realize that I am a young adult and that I should experience more travels to enrich my soul before entering life after 25. But not all of us are lucky enough to do that. I wanted to go Laoag in that same month but I couldn’t because I had to arrange a separate part of my money for my mother’s operation.

I was not born in a money rich family although my parents never failed to give me the things that I needed, I suddenly felt the urge and responsibility kicking me. I couldn’t let go of the money. I saved it for months just to go home and at least spend it to something that I wanted to enjoy. But the other side of me won and I had to separate a part of that vacation money to my parents.

Lewis Grand Hotel – Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles, Pampanga – March 2015



IMG_0350_DSC1095_DSC1096_DSC1100 IMG_1551

It was my first time landing in Clark. Thanks to Qatar Airways they are landing at Clark, I don’t have to face the heavy traffic of Manila. We didn’t move around Clark except for SM mall. With the jetlag and exhaustion from the 10-hour flight, our destinations were only the mall and the hotel. We only stayed for one night as well and went back a day before my flight back to Bahrain. Since the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway started to operate, I couldn’t get more excited! It only means that I’ll only need to travel fewer hours home. From Clark, me and my significant other entered SCTEX and directly entered TPLEX. The fiinal exit will be Urdaneta. I am even more excited to know the progress next year when I go home for vacation as to there were rumors that the final exit of TPLEX will be Rosario which is already a part of my province!

Mt. Sto. Thomas & Mt. Cabuyao – March 2015

This is a place suggested by my significant other who just loves to discover places that are not that popular yet. I already made a post about this and you can read more about it below:



I’m still dreaming of going to Paris since it’s closer if I fly from here. But if I’m in the Philippines, I’ll definitely take into consideration of visiting Palawan or Japan.

Sincerely dreaming of Paris,

Iya Rai


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