Low Blood part 2

I went home earlier than expected yesterday. I was feeling dizzy all day and it’s because of my low blood pressure again. Apparently, having three teabags of green tea helped me in losing weight and at the same time my blood pressure. I was so afraid of eating protein and fats that I ended up feeling dizzy yesterday. My blood pressure dropped to 96 over 36. My manager sent me home at 530pm and when I arrived in my room, I changed my clothes and went to bed. I wasn’t able to sleep at all, I just needed to rest. My sister-in-law came at around 730pm to bring me some high protein food. Haha. She was scolding me on how determined I was to lose weight by running outside and I stopped eating protein. I loved my Nutrition Class in college and I seemed to have ignored my knowledge about it by knowing only the group of food that’ll make me lose weight.

I ended up telling her about the conversation I had with one of my friends about future and the writing I posted here in this blog. As I tell her my thoughts about future, getting married, and children; I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Another side of my brain is asking how did I come up with those ideas that I just said? When my sister-in-law left, as I was about to go to sleep, I had thought that one day, if my significant other or another guy (I hope not) will ask me about marrying, I might just be frozen in that moment, think about all the good things about being on my own, and just stay silent.


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