An App & A Stick

I went for a jog last night I found myself still amazed by how technology works now. I downloaded the Running App just for me to record how far and how many minutes I ran. The hot weather is has helped in the running to get more sweat out of the body. I was just about to approach Seef Mall when a voice of a lady said, “1 km completed. 19 minutes.” I stopped running and checked my phone and a voice again said, “Workout paused.” I was shocked and continued my running then it automatically detected that I was running again and it said, “Workout resumed.” I felt glad and happy to have this app. It’s a wow effect. I never expected it like this. Anyways.. I ran around Seef area for 25 minutes. I was planning to go for a second round but I was exhausted. This morning when I woke up, I thought that I would feel my body sore but I didn’t so I am planning to run again later after work to be consistent. I wasn’t also supposed to smoke last night but a conversation through Facebook chat with a close friend from college made me realize how different our lives are right now. We talked about things like her mother’s recent operation, how much it is and how their family is currently coping with the situation, meeting our old friends from college and how they’ve been, and future.

Her mother’s operation cost more than a million pesos which didn’t shock me. They’ve been in the hospital for more than a month and she told me that the total bill that she just told me still doesn’t include the doctor’s fee. Her mother is currently confined at UST hospital. I told her that if only I can lend her some money , I would. But I also don’t have any savings. I know it’s selfish of me to save money to go home next year and enjoy my vacation but it’s not easy also to save money. It’s not like she was asking but she just wanted to update me since I send her a How are you message once a week. I told her that money can be replaced; they can borrow money or ask for a sponsor. I also told her that she can make an agreement with the hospital and they can pay it every month. She told me that they were already able to pay some of the bill but the rest, she’s still looking. Our conversation continued to how are our friends from college whom she meet every now and then in Manila since I saw their photos on Facebook. They are okay and still with their boyfriends since we were in college. I was happy to hear that but when she mentioned that they are saving money for future. I asked her, “What future?” And she told me how some of our friends are saving up to get married or settle down in the next five years. It’s like a five-year saving plan for wedding and a happily ever after. Having been brought down quite a lot about living a happily ever after, I disagreed to how she managed to even agree with them to save as well. Her boyfriend has asked her but they still don’t want it right now since they still have some financial and emotional incapability. I told her that we are still young and that we should be saving for our own and not the future yet. She told me how she wanted to have a baby before she turns 30 because she has seen her older sister and her husband having difficulties in conceiving. I told her that babies don’t necessarily have to be present in a marriage. But I didn’t tell her how a couple could still be happy even without marriage. This conversation has led me to smoke one stick of cigarette last night (I was close to not smoking for a day but the conversation caused me to!). It made me feel uncomfortable that she’s the second person close to my life who just told me about a wedding plan after 3-5 years. I told her that if someone will ask me to get married, it would freak me out because why would anybody leave this kind of life? I mean, I am happy with being on my own now and having my own things. I don’t need marriage to be happy. Marriage comes with a lot of rules which are mostly broken by other people and I’m afraid that I might in the future. Assurance, security, merging of properties, and walls of rules are what marriage appears to me. I don’t need these things if I can give these things to myself. Why should I give up something grand for something locked? We ended our conversations with goodnight. We didn’t quite agree with the different future perspectives that we have right now but at least she said that she’ll definitely invite me to the wedding.        



Iya Rai


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