Two Cans of Tuna & 10 Songs since 2003

I went for a semi jog semi walk around Seef area. I tried to walk it out if my left foot which had a cast two months ago could bear walking in a longer distance and it did. I tried to run again to get that sweat on and I did. It felt great and I think that I’m going to be able to sleep immediately tonight. I finished two cans of light meat tuna as well, not so light meat now that I finished two cans. Haha. Well I’ve been thinking last night to create a post about my mp3 collection. My collection started in high school from what my brother left in his PC for me when he left for Bahrain. I started there and in my college years, my downloads continued because I love music.

Music is not just music. It is a therapy and it helps me in everything. So I’m going to put here my top ten favorite songs in my GB 15 mp3 collection. Please be aware that I grew up in a family where my father and my brother loves rock music so I am pretty much a fan of some selected albums of some rock bands. But I love RnB too, it makes me feel sexy and pumped. But rock music usually keeps me singing and helps me to get up in the morning with a smile.

10-Not That Kind of Girl by JoJo

Favorite line: “There can’t be any us, if there can’t be any trust “


I was in first year high school when I first saw this at Myx in 2003. It is like a Filipino version of MTV. I remember how thankful I was for my mother to finally subscribe to our local cable station and get to watch the music video of this song. I even bought a tape from a mall in Manila! I remember how happy I was when I got the tape and it cost PhP 300! Back then, I didn’t care about the lyrics but the beat and I loved singing with it. The music video is nice as well. I loved the dance steps. JoJo and I are in the same age so I kind of thought that maybe we have the same feeling with the song. Ten years later, I still love singing with it while taking a shower.

9-Finally Free by Dream Theater

Favorite line: “This feeling inside me finally found my life I’m finally free.”


I remember hearing this from my brother. He has the CD and I always tell him to play the last song! He gets irritated but he said that he will love seeing me listen to Dream Theater than Westlife. Haha. Well, boy bands were a favorite back then but if I based the lyrics and melody of a song to get what it deserves on my favorite list, I would always go back to where it all began, Dream Theater. I loved this song and it’s lyrics. Being born in a family where rock music if being played every morning, this is by far my favorite. This is from the album Scenes from a Memory. I think it was Dream Theater’s music that pushed me to love Nightwish and Within Temptation. Regardless of its genre, I loved the lyrics and melody of this song. Although it doesn’t necessarily reflect my life, the story behind the album and this song just gives me more reason to listen to Dream Theater. Their songs are inspiring and I find it moving.

8-Fallin’ By Alicia Keys

Favorite line: “Loving you darling makes me so confused.”


I always wait for the music video of this song to play in Net25 becayse Myx  doesn’t seem to have the degree of embarrassment to play this. Well I can’t say that this was underrated but when it comes to music videos that they play in the Philippines, sometimes you just don’t have a choice but to watch it. I heard this once or twice only on the radio and it’s categorized to be played in the afternoon or evening where people are mostly sleeping or taking a rest. I loved the lyrics and specially the beat. I love how Alicia’s voice is so perfect with this kind of genre. Her style in the video also makes me love her more with this song.

7-Whenever You Call by Mariah Carey & Brian McKnight

Favorite line: “And I’m truly inspired finding my soul there in your eyes.”


The album #1’s is a very used CD that we have at home. I don’t remember if my father brought it from Saudi whenever he comes home and maybe he gave it to my mother, I don’t know. But this CD is sitting there in our living room for as long as I can remember and my mother always plays it and the song Whenever You Call is by far my all time favorite Mariah Carey song. This is where my love for MC started. I became a fan and promised myself to have all of her songs kept in my mp3 collection. Well not all songs were with me but I have the albums #1, Emancipation of Mimi, EMC2, and Memoirs of an Angel. This is a favorite of mine because I loves listening to MC’s falsettos. I was thinking of My All but I love how her voice sounds great with McKnight’s hence, an all time favorite of all MC’s songs.

6-Distant Memory by Harem Scarem

Favorite line: “I find it strange to say, time was on our side only yesterday.”

I Googled images but I don’t know which photo should I pick because I honestly don’t know how he looks like! I’ve been listening to the song that I cared less about he looked and from year or era this song was from. It didn’t sound old to me, it sounded more of a classic. I remember hearing this from my brother’s playlist that shows Track 01 to 11 under Harem Scarem folder and whenever he plays it so loud in the morning, I just grew to sing with it without knowing what the song meant and as the years gone by that I entered my teen years, it came to my senses why it’s such a nice song. I often listen to this every after breakup in college and it helped a lot. Haha. Although I will never be able to live the era where this song was composed, at least, I have it in my mp3 collection and consider it as a treasure in my folder of therapy.

5-Heavily Broken by The Veronicas

Favorite line: “Do we even care? It’s so unfair.”


A close friend of mine from high school is a fan of Avril Lavigne but I wasn’t a fan of that so when she introduced me to The Veronicas, I didn’t care that much not until she gave me a CD on my birthday (I couldn’t remember if it was my 15th or 16th). She told me that she knows that I don’t like Avril so she put The Veronicas and Paramore for me to listen. At first, I hesitated because I don’t want to listen to this mainstream rock pop icons but it was a birthday gift! CDs that contain 18 songs back then is something big for me because I couldn’t get hold of that much mp3 with our slow internet connection at home and I envy her fast internet connection. It was track number 17 and I am currently listening to this version right now because it was a live version! I listened to it over and over again and told my friend the next day how amazing I found the song was. I asked her for more songs of The Veronicas and she was happy. There had been a lot memories in this song. When I had my most awful breakup in high school with my 2 year boyfriend, this was my jam! It sounded dark but hey, music’s the best therapy.

4-Walk Away by Christina Aguilera

Favorite line: “I was naive. Your love was like candy.”


I was 12 when we were walking at Megamall in Manila when my whole family was there to buy my brother’s first laptop. They were spending so much for his laptop and I was in a music store browsing CDs that I wanted to buy. My mother told me that I could choose something that I can buy with a maximum price of PhP 500. So what more can I ask? A MUSIC STORE! I was at Oddyssey and I saw the cover of Stripped.  I wasn’t a fan of the Genie in a Bottle singer but I loved the music video of Come On Over. But I wasn’t really a fan. The cover of the album caught my attention and my first thought about it was “It looks so free and beautiful.” It’s not the body of CA that caught me but how beautiful the cover was constructed. I had a thing for black and white back then and getting stripped for an album like that just intrigues me what songs can I find inside. I know one song though which is always at top 4 in Myx Top Ten. The song Fighter is a strong and powerful song. Her voice is something that most other artists will ask for in my opinion. But the title of the album and the cover intrigued me so I asked my mother to buy it for me. At first, my mother looked at me and asked me why I wanted to buy it. I just said I liked the artist but I didn’t really at that time. Seven hours later and a butt hurt ride on the bus, we arrived home in La Union. I couldn’t wait till the morning, I immediately listened to the first song which is Stripped [Intro]. I was 12 so I was still trying to think what was happening with the track and I let it play until I finished the whole album. Cruz, Soar, & Walk Away were my favorites. But Walk Away made my heart skip a beat. I can’t relate yet but I love the the lyrics. It hold so much emotion and anger. I feel free every time I listen to it. The first line, “I was naive. Your love was like candy.” It makes me want to write poems or anything when I hear it. I feel like the lyrics and the music accompanied by it creeps into my veins and makes me want to write something to free from something that I don’t know. Overall, this deserves to be in my top 5 and since then, I listened and waited for another CA album.

3point1-Girl Talk by Namie Amuro

Favorite line: Not applicable! I love the chorus part! Haha!


I am not a fan of JPOP back then but when I discovered Namie Amuro while searching some dance videos in YouTube in one rainy day in computer shop near my house, I asked myself what have I missed? I couldn’t understand what she was saying because it’s in Japanese but the beat and the dance in the music video just made me fall in love with the song plus her looks! I Googled her and saw her style. The way she is dressed is different from other artists in Japan. She always wears a corset, skirt, and a pair of boots which makes her amazing in her concerts and tours. Although I didn’t understand more of her songs and it would be a pain to search every song’s translation, I was determined to watch every concert DVD that is in Torrent of her every album. Her concert Live Style 2006 is the best of all the concerts I’ve watched. I want to see her perform live.

3point2-Amaranth by Nightwish

Favorite line: “You believe but what you see? You receive but what you give?”


I’m not sure what genre they belong to but I don’t care. I don’t need the label. I need their songs! This album released in 2007 is my favorite of all. My reason for putting this song as my top 3 because it makes me sing with it and I will always love to sing with it even when I get older. I even remember making Amaranth as a screen name in Friendster before! Haha. Listening to it makes me reminisce my oh so glorious college days where I walk to class listening to this song and feel great about myself. Whenever I feel bad towards anybody, I listen to this and it makes calm down. It’s too bad and I elt sad when I saw the story about Anette leaving the band. I love her voice and the way she sings the songs of Nightwish.

2-Daybreak by Marie Digby

Favorite line: “I’m afraid the truth might be unkind, so unkind.”


I remember hearing Marie Digby in a nearby restaurant near the university. It was a place where students gather and have some coffee and smoke. It has a nice view of houses. Well, the restaurant became a tambayan of me and my friends. I heard Say It Again and her voice intrigued me. I searched in Torrent the album and when she released a new album in 2010 called Breathing Underwater,  I couldn’t be more excited! I listened to all the songs and it touched my heart but Daybreak played a special part. It seemed dark but the anticipation of pain is a strength I see in the song. I had a thought that if we prepare ourselves with what pain and heartache might come, we might be able to prevent and protect ourselves from agony and self destruction. Whenever I listen to this song, it makes me write. I love it.

And to top my list..

1-Brighter by Paramore

Favorite line: “If you run away now, will you come back around?”


Paramore had played a big part in my adolescence and I thank their three albums, All We Know is Falling, Riot, and Brand New Eyes. From being my alarm to being my jam everyday, Brighter has touched every corner of my life. Yes, I am a fan of Paramore but only of those three albums. I stopped listening when I heard I’m Still Into you. It is a good song and lyrics are nice but I love the older songs when they just started in the industry. I know that they have to grow and all to be able to cope with the music industry’s needs but I will always stick to their songs in those three albums and Brighter is my all time favorite of all the songs of Paramore. From friendship to love, this song has brought so much meaning in my everyday life. The beat plus the lyrics just reflects anything that I go through in my life and I guess not just mine but in anybody’s playlist that this song is included. I don’t want sound as a hater of Paramore now but what I can say is I appreciate and love their songs from those three albums.


Iya Rai, your typical music therapy patient


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