Labels part 3: Celebrate Pride

I have come to a realization that my best friend can now marry in any state of the US because of the recently approved Gay Marriage. When I went home for vacation a few months ago, she told me that they would love to marry in Hawaii but of course that would cost a lot, but it’s doable and possible. I am proud of her. She has continued to be open and be proud in what she is right now. She’s been my best friend since first year of high school and my respect for her never ceased.

I loved the LGBT parts of the world because deep inside me, I know that I once was I guessed or maybe I was just a confused teenager back then. Even before I had a girlfriend when I was 15, I am pro freedom. Maybe because of the fact that I am so hungry for it that anything that has to do with freedom, I’d have to agree. I wanted to be free from my parents and from other people who keeps on holding me down.


Even when I entered college, I classified myself as a bisexual. I am attracted to both sexes but being attracted to men was I think more of an 80% of my sexuality so I became a straight woman. But then again, sometimes, I just can’t help but look at women. Some of my exes even told me that maybe I’m just admiring them or want to be like them (asshole, why would I want to be like them). But no, it was pure attraction. My present significant other asks me sometimes what if I am bisexual. It doesn’t really matter now. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight, I don’t really care. As long as I’m happy and I’m not hurting anybody, I don’t need to be labeled.


But I am very happy for my bestfriend. She told me that if only her being American can be exercised in the Philippines, she could marry there. But too bad, Philippines is your ordinary conservative country next door run by a massive amount of stupid self-proclaimed Catholics in the government.


I love my best friend and I will support her in anything.


This is for you Abi. I love you.


Sincerely, Iya Rai 💋


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