Asian Food Addiction

I don’t like Tom Yum Soup because it’s too spicy for me but my sister-in-law loves it. I was only able to taste Tom Yum Soup which happened to be in a delivery box and was not from a Thai restaurant, unfortunately. It was from a Filipino restaurant here in Bahrain and most of all, I was never a fan of spicy food unless it’s Nasi Goreng! I, my sister-in-law and my brother share the same taste buds when it comes to Asian food. Who doesn’t love Japanese food?IMG_0717I mean, come on! In my old blog which was from Blogspot, I always post our Japanese food experiences. My sister-in-law encouraged me to give Tom Yum Soup another chance to catch my heart. So we went to this Japanese Thai restaurant next to Jasmi’s. But before I show here how awesome and a little disappointing our dining was, I would like to share some visits we did in other Japanese restaurants in Bahrain.IMG_0710



This is my favorite dish to eat at Arirang. Kim Cho Bab is just straightforward when it comes to eating and buying it. I can stay full until the next day just by eating four pieces of this lovey.



Arirang Edo Restaurant


100_8905 100_8906 100_8907 100_8908 100_8909

Sato Japanese Restaurant at Gulf Hotel

image-d76f41459f8d5b696ccd7a8b9af0c3e0f8caa81ffdd6678f35a30d4226f01274-V image-42112eca82ec4db6a7d10919296501e297648b8c1c8ab3905e66f8ef4db2add2-V image-39e7d2f98823d1cb4a4ac63ebef8fbc51a1f73870ffa494a8f58a7f3cd522b0e-V image-8fe3a1534a8aa86998b7f488c6799a4e84478da7ce51a66e1033dbfc85d500f5-V


Bushido is by far my favorite of all the restaurants we went to just for Japanese food. Not to mention how original and amazing their dishes are. Volcano Maki and Mei-Yo cocktail sure is my favorite. It’s hella expensive. It is expensive. I went here to fulfill a promise to my brother and sister-in-law here in Bahrain that I won’t mind spending if my brother really wants to go there. I saved some money before going for my first vacation last year and spent it there. I know people there because I used to work there although during that time so the service was nice. It will always be a place to go to if you are up to for class and casual. It is casually classy. They have a restaurant and shisha lounge and a bar lounge at the second floor.

But my company will always have a heart in my wallet. They provide me my salary plus company benefits of 50% discount in the outlets so my Seafood Night Buffet experience is just one of those things that I will forever be grateful for. Seafood Night Buffet features unlimited seafood, sushi, maki, and other food that you can think of that belongs to the sea.

Read more about the Seafood Night Buffet experience


Do you know that feeling when you’re so pissed off because of language barrier but you can’t help but feel pity for the person because it’s not their fault that they can’t speak and understand English properly? I felt so bad for the waiter serving us because he couldn’t understand what we wanted order. We were just asking what the difference between sets of sushi platter is and why the price is like this and that and which photo shows platter A and platter B. We’ve been trying to communicate with him and tried to look for other to help him and us with our frustration. But there was no luck and we didn’t bother to ask because it’s obvious that only Thai people are working there. And we just assumed that they might not speak better than him. The service could’ve been so much better if he could only communicate properly. I’m not saying this in my post so that other people will feel bad for him but I just wanted to point out how important it is to know at least one other language that the whole world knows how to speak to. So instead of increasing our bill and let them have more money, we didn’t order the platter. We ordered rolls separately and he was able to understand it.




_DSC1346 _DSC1348


_DSC1350 _DSC1353 _DSC1355

We moved to a family section because the table where sat first smells funny. We don’t know where it’s coming from but it’s better to move than smell it while eating our delicious food.

I wasn’t able to take a proper photo of the Tom Yum Soup simply because we were too busy eating it.


Spicy hammour
Can’t remember the name but I love it. There’s just too much food going on in each roll that makes it hard to chew. This roll has cheese inside.
The ever famous California Roll.
I don’t know as well the name of this but the cheese in rolls really make a difference and the brown like shavings tastes like dried fish which goes perfectly with the cheese. I didn’t think that cheese could be fine with the taste of dried fish,







_DSC1374 _DSC1370

I loved our overall food experience at Pong Thai and will give it a 2 for the waiter who tried his best to understand us. Thanks to Ate & Kuya for the treat.


Iya Rai


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