Mind Over Emotions

How do you get your mind off emotions when it’s your brain making you feel these emotions? How do you let your mind reign over the creations it manifested?

I came to a realization how big of a change I had when I started loving my significant other. I have sacrificed a lot of time to him over my friends, depended my decisions from him, and everything is about him, but not me. I used to be the girl that if I don’t get anything positive from the relationship, I won’t even try fighting for it. But since 2010 I changed. I don’t know if it was for the better or for worse but I stopped playing around. I used to say ‘Next please.’ and never any regret. Regret creeps in a few months later when I start to see couples that are happy. But I just want him, just him. It made me this kind of person who wanted to fight for something that is worth it. So that this mean that the relationships in the past wasn’t worth it? We have a lot of issues and in my exchange of emails with my bestfriend back home who is now successful in her field, I badly needed her word. She knows me more than everybody and she said that I have to fix some issues with my significant other. We have to agree at some point. I don’t want to go into detail with everything but I’m thankful that she’s always there despite the distance between us.

I still want to be the girl who is smarter than emotions but I changed. Why? Hormones!

Till here..





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