Low Blood part 2

I went home earlier than expected yesterday. I was feeling dizzy all day and it’s because of my low blood pressure again. Apparently, having three teabags of green tea helped me in losing weight and at the same time my blood pressure. I was so afraid of eating protein and fats that I ended up feeling dizzy yesterday. My blood pressure dropped to 96 over 36. My manager sent me home at 530pm and when I arrived in my room, I changed my clothes and went to bed. I wasn’t able to sleep at all, I just needed to rest. My sister-in-law came at around 730pm to bring me some high protein food. Haha. She was scolding me on how determined I was to lose weight by running outside and I stopped eating protein. I loved my Nutrition Class in college and I seemed to have ignored my knowledge about it by knowing only the group of food that’ll make me lose weight. Continue reading “Low Blood part 2”


Benefits of Eating Alone

Living abroad away from home isn’t easy. Sometimes we grow in denial that we are needy of somebody to be with. There are times when we need friends but there are times that we discover that there is something wonderful and liberating in going out alone and well doing things by yourself. Loneliness and yearning may climb up your emotions but by not letting these eat you, in my opinion, make you not just a better person who understands more about the real world but also strong and independent. My roommate can’t eat alone. She loses her appetite whenever she knew that I have eaten dinner already. I wanted to understand why some people like her are needy of a companion just to eat a meal. There are a lot of good things in eating alone and I am here to enumerate them. But before I proceed, I wanted to clear things up before somebody in the Internet sphere will go against or bash on this post. Continue reading “Benefits of Eating Alone”

An App & A Stick

I went for a jog last night I found myself still amazed by how technology works now. I downloaded the Running App just for me to record how far and how many minutes I ran. The hot weather is has helped in the running to get more sweat out of the body. I was just about to approach Seef Mall when a voice of a lady said, “1 km completed. 19 minutes.” I stopped running and checked my phone and a voice again said, “Workout paused.” I was shocked and continued my running then it automatically detected that I was running again and it said, “Workout resumed.” I felt glad and happy to have this app. It’s a wow effect. I never expected it like this. Anyways.. I ran around Seef area for 25 minutes. I was planning to go for a second round but I was exhausted. This morning when I woke up, I thought that I would feel my body sore but I didn’t so I am planning to run again later after work to be consistent. I wasn’t also supposed to smoke last night but a conversation through Facebook chat with a close friend from college made me realize how different our lives are right now. We talked about things like her mother’s recent operation, how much it is and how their family is currently coping with the situation, meeting our old friends from college and how they’ve been, and future. Continue reading “An App & A Stick”

I want to leave

An intense and harsh reality of staying in the Philippines..

It only makes sense to me now why I don’t want to stay longer here in the Philippines. I cried a few days ago because I feel the sadness of leaving and missing my significant other. But over the past weeks that I stayed here only made me realize why I don’t want to stick around longer. His attitude is starting to get in my nerves and all I ever do is to lower my flag down or else I’ll be called a nagger or a control freak. So even though I know that I have the right to say those words that I need to say, I better just shut up and nod to every damn thing he has to say. 
Don’t worry Rai, this will only last for a week and you’ll be back in Bahrain. 
Now it only made me open my eyes why I don’t want to get married to him.. or anybody else. 

The Confused 24-year old

It’s strange how denial can get us through the day but sometimes unconsciously, reality hits us hard. It’s been weeks of dreaming about Baguio City and being with my friends although some of us are not living there anymore. I told my significant other that I only dream about Baguio two nights in a row because I didn’t want him to think something else. But in myself, I know that I miss Baguio more everyday.  Continue reading “The Confused 24-year old”