Undecided Resignation

It has been very stressful for the past days at work. My schedule is from 12pm to 9pm but last night, I left from work around quarter to 10. I couldn’t help it. Although I work hard, I feel like everytime I feel good that I work hard, the next day, someone will always disappoint and disgust me with their inability to communicate properly at work and just care about themselves. We have certain values at work that has to be in practice and communicating and involving people is one of those. Everybody should be involved in the work that affects everybody. I had breakdown this afternoon. I really couldn’t take it anymore. I just stood up from my desk and went to the washroom. I felt like I was going to cry but only a few tears fell from my eyes and it surprised me. I don’t want to seem to be a bad person because I am kind and patient and people abuse that for some reason that I don’t want to know. 

Maybe they are stressed too from Ramadan but they better put up their work game on because I am fulfilling my duties with my best unlike them. 

It’s my significant other’s birthday today and the operation of the mother of one of my closest friends back at home. 

I feel tired. Salary arrived today. I wanted resign but I haven’t saved a single centavo in my bank account at home. Good luck.


Iya šŸ’‹


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