Liberating Thy Hair

I have only cut my hair the shortest four times in my lifetime. Most of the time specially when I was younger, my mother always decide what’s best for my hair..well, what’s best for me in everything. But she has a special irritating demands for thy hair. It has been kept long and curly until the rebonding and relaxing of hair in the early 2000s came to the scene. I was 14 and was in 2nd year high school when my hair was rebonded. My classmates in school called me Sadako for my mother’s decision to keep it long. The length of my hair was down until my hips. Some of the people said that I looked like a ghost because of my pale skin and the long hair but my boyfriend at the time told me that it looked nice. Well, hello? He’s my boyfriend so he will say that. But I was 14 so I gave the decision making to my mother and we kept it long. Before my high school graduation, I had to cut all the hair that was rebonded to keep the curls visible again. I looked nice with the short wavy hair but I was tempted to do another straightening treatment when I was about to finish my first semester in college. 

Here was how it looks like after graduating from high school.

Rai Rai Kulet (24) Rai Rai Kulet (2)

Okay, I look to young here. Yes, I was 16 at the time.

1st Semester 07 (14)First Semmmmm (9)

It looked so natural and beautiful but I was a lazy ass teenager that hated keeping it in place. When it’s curly, it’s very difficult to comb in the morning and maintain. So I asked my mother if I can have my hair rebonded again. This time, I asked and knew that it was my decision but using my mother’s money.

First Semmmmm (7) second semester (55)

I was happy at first after a few months again, I changed my mind to cut it short. I can still remember how foolish it was for me to change boyfriends every semester so I had to cut my hair every breakup too. When I think about it now, I seriously feel like I had a problem depending my decisions to men. It hurts me now but I don’t regret it. I had to go through it for me to be able to do what I just did last week.

second semester (68)

This was the most wonderful haircut I got from the salon. I feel like they actually knew what I really wanted. This is just so me.

summer (8) summer (3)

And the quest of keeping it long or short continued..

2nd semesterr (5)  18th bday (7) First Semesterr (22)2nd semesterr (73)

After a breakup, I had to cut it again.

summerr 09 (21) summerr 09summerr 09 (12) summerr 09 (75)


Rebonded again in December of 2009

ahuh(1502)  DSC04267

DSC04200DSC06346 DSC05009 DSC0808610399729_1117476812426_2207207_n DSC09323 DSC09376blogspotDSC_0061DSC_0068DSC_0081_066DSC_0179DSC_0298DSC_0321

College graduation.

21 yrs old (5)

21 yrs old (13) 21 yrs old (11)

Turned 21 years old.

The first week when I started working for my first job too.


IMG-20120508-00743  541104_3062337472727_172246415_n San Fernando City-20121223-01781

At 22 🙂

2DSC_1251 (9) DSC_1338

 DSC_0716 DSC_0748

DSC_0928 DSC_0921

At 23 yo.

2014 (2) 2014 (16)

2014 (36)2014 (39)

DSC_3415DSC_3418rai_2014 (10)rai_2014 (7)


At 24 yo.

10500427_10202711809011662_3270436420585146820_n IMG_0177

IMG_0288 IMG_0304

Then magic happened! 😀 I colored my hair for the first time. This happened the night before I went home for vacation.

IMG_0667 IMG_0665 IMG_0645 IMG_0967 IMG_1066

It turned out too red in the sun but I like it. I wanted badly to cut it but my significant other insisted to keep it long until I go home. He suggested I cut it when I get back. Due to lack of money to get it cut, I was only able to do it last week. Well I had a cut when I was back in the Philippines but it was just a trim. I wanted all of the hair that was rebonded last year when I went home for vacation in June of 2015 to be out of my life. I wanted the natural hair to come out.

Let me show your first how it looked like a few days before I have decided to cut it.

IMG_3262 IMG_3290 IMG_3292 IMG_3306

IMG_3565 IMG_3566

An hour before going to the salon.

IMG_3572 IMG_3575

IMG_3580 IMG_3591 IMG_3596

I had it colored at the roots again simply because I loved the color. I will have the treatment next week to make it healthier since my hair’s curly and it’s with dye. They said to have a treatment at least once a month to keep it shiny and healthy which my stubborn ass is not doing for the past years, a monthly hot oil.

IMG_3607 IMG_3608

IMG_3598 IMG_3597

IMG_3601 IMG_3604

This is how it looks like if it’s blow dried.


When they cut my hair, I felt liberated from all the pain. I felt like my hair felt it too. Gone are the days that I was forced to take a rebond or to force myself to look nice only with a rebond. I shall love my natural curls and who I am. I will not hide behind the glamour and artificial beauty that rebond gives me. I will look at myself naturally and accept this natural beauty. I am not the stubborn teenager anymore. I will live with this natural hair and blowdry it every once in a while but I love this hair right now. Some people I know at work are making a fuss for me cutting my hair. I hear here and there that I don’t look nice and beautiful and that my long straight hair looked better on me. But I don’t live for them. And what they saw was artificial. This is me now. Now, don’t get me wrong that maybe I had a breakup again. Well, I just wanted to really make a decision coming from my heart for a long time. My significant other always wanted to keep it long when I wanted to cut it so bad. So here it is, a decision made that is entirely mine. 

IMG_3756 IMG_3757  IMG_3763

This is me. Bare. Without straightening my hair and putting on make up.

IMG_3764 IMG_3765

Accept me.

Sincerely, Iya


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