Distraction from Hurting

There are moments in life when you just want to stay in your room and suck in the emptiness and silence. I usually drown myself in my collection of mp3s since high school but tonight I just would like to listen to one album that can totally understand how I’ve been feeling for months. Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Vision is taking over my sanity. The song Blindness and Blue Ocean Floor had been on repeat every time I go home from work. I miss waking with my significant other but I have to be brave right now. It’s not my fault that he’s still looking for a job. Yes, he just graduated and I can’t believe I’m writing something I promised never to write about. The last thing I want to write is about him because this blog is not about him. It’s about me. It’s about me contemplating whether to resign from my job next year or not just so that I could see his face everyday. Choices.  Do we really all have a choice? But what if that choice will hurt us?

Maybe hurting is a choice. Should we or should we not get hurt?


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