DAY THOUGHTS: Labels part 2 and breaking rules

For me, labels are for people who are bound by the rules. Labels establish their own identity and don’t need to be questioned. While those that are without a label is a mystery and they can’t be trusted since there are no rules in it that are well established. Labels are accepted in the society while mystery needs to be discovered because it might hide something that labels can be afraid of. Mysteries might not have established their own identity nor did they? Only those who don’t believe in labels believe how amazing it is to be surrounded by mysteries and no rules. But with no rules, there’s no order which is perceived as wrong and unusual in present day society. Why is no order perceived as wrong? What if we are living in a world the other way around? If we get used to being without an order then it will become a usual and normal situation and being with rules is something bad.

I have always taken into consideration that people always tend to follow the rules and not question it. But this is what the society is telling us. We have to have an order to be able to survive. Without rules, we will not be able to establish a foundation that will not only allow our species to survive for another 100 years but also to retain our sanity as a human being.

I loved breaking the rules because it seemed fun but after having fun, my fear came. A fear that only conscience will understand and a pain that only the heart will never be able to adapt.

Labels follow the standard and the rules.

Mysteries are left undiscovered with no standards and no rules.

Sincerely, Iya


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