Fantasy World Problems

When I watch romantic movies, I tend to have this anxiety that it should be happening to me too and question why my significant other is not doing the same thing. I did something terrible today and I still think that I am the one who is right but it turns out that I realized how bad I am to be living in an unrealistic world. I have warned myself before of this problem and tried hard enough to be this brave girl abroad who will always stay strong despite my heartaches. I was in denial that I could go on with this I just can’t. Life broke me into pieces when I had finally had it and burst into flames. The signal problem and other technology problems that have something to do with long distance relationships had gotten to my nerve today and fucked myself up. I eventually was able to verbally let out my pain and it felt so good to come out and my significant other and I have decided to stop talking for a while. It was a hard fight. I, the girl who still believes that a man would risk anything to see his girl am the girl who is now getting the time and space situation. I don’t know what will happen or should happen but it felt like the last time and he doesn’t want to stay in a relationship with someone who has a disturbing romance fantasy world problem. When will I ever stop?  I am to blame. If this loyal man walks out of my life anytime, I would definitely be in a mess. A breakup from a five-year relationship will definitely break me into pieces. Just thinking about it makes me cry.

“I think it would be nice to like not talk for some time and think about things.”


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