Night Thoughts: Labels

I’m starting to dislike labels. Well it’s not the labels of clothes or shoes but of people. Why do we have to label if he’s/she’s my boyfriend/girlfriend? Why can’t we be just two happy people spending time together?

Some people say that labels are used to describe everything that is going on and not just call it a thing as I have called it. Do we really have to say those three infectious words before declaring that you’re in a relationship? Only now that I realize phrases and labels doesn’t come together.  Why can’t we be in a relationship without saying it? Let’s be in a happy relationship without any official label. But the security of the relationship will be in danger. Why does it work like this? Why is our society bound by these labels?

Some of my friends told me that labels define a relationship so that when one is asked about who he or she is and a person can just answer the label designated to it and not say “Oh he’s/she’s just someone I went out with and we were happy.” It’s too long.

I often wondered that if my significant other and I had kept our happy relationship without the label, will we be able to establish a strong foundation that we have now? Before we went out, he used to date a girl who never wanted to say yes to him to become his girlfriend. They were happy until the time came that he might have gone out of patience and wanted to know what was really going on between them. He didn’t cared about the labels as long as he’ll be the only guy she’s spending her dinners and other meals with. One hot afternoon in college, she got jealous when I walk past them in front of a grocery store near the university. I hugged my significant other who was then was just a friend of mine. We haven’t seen each other that much since he started to go out with that girl. But the time and patience he has invested has gone to waste. They started to fight and he couldn’t even remember what did they fight about but I’m assuming that if might have been his patience of waiting to get that yes and to finally be labelled as her boyfriend after two years of spending time together without a label. Without labels, there’s no right to be right. Without labels, there will never be an assurance.

Is that what I want now? I’d rather be unlabeled than be labeled to be someone I don’t entirely know. Do I still want the commitment and loyalty or am I this bitch who’ll just let his loyal boyfriend date other women? He was surprised when I told him to go out and ask someone to have coffee with. What was I thinking? I just realized how much he needed to just do it. But a friend of mine said that he might go all the way when I allow him and in the end, I’ll be the one to blame. But I just don’t want to be labeled. I want to be someone to be committed to? But do I really still want that? In this age, I finally can see why labels aren’t needed in some people’s lives. There may be no right and an assurance but the happiness and the feeling of two carefree spirits who just wants to be happy spending time together is irreplaceable. In the future, I might want a label but I don’t want to be labeled as someone he had good sex with while in a long term relationship but someone who made that thing be the reason to be in his happiest state in life.


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