There are still a lot of questions in my head why I’m here and why I’m not there but this doesn’t mean that I’m not grateful for what I have now and where I am now. But there will always be questions why we have chosen to be this way or that way. I was on the phone for two hours with an old good friend of mine and we were talking about relationships. Now don’t get me wrong but this guy is a guy from the same school where I and my significant other attended. We used to have a thing (now I don’t know what it should be called because it wasn’t official. It was just pure conversational I suppose) but we had gotten over it and we’re very good friends now. People always tell me that it’s not right to be friends with people that you had a thing or a relationship. But why not? Because it didn’t work out? There are those people that however you want to cut them out in your life, they will always be a part of that because of the good bond created. So going back, we do what we usually do before. Unlike before, we are now using Skype and six years ago, we were using Yahoo Messenger. We talked about our current relationships and how happy we are. However I asked him something about going abroad because he’s a web designer and besides that, he’s really smart. He talks computers. We used to be in a team in high school that competed in APEC. It was a web designing competition between high school students in Asia. We had a little friendship issue or conflict back then but he really is good with programming and designing as well. We have that in common back then. Well right now I still have a thing in photo editing but not in web designing anymore. Please forgive me for using the word thing for something that I’m not sure of or something I must have loved or been interested in but in denial. He told me that we all have our choices and he has chosen to stay back home. He doesn’t believe in LDR; the ever complicated long distance relationships. But I asked him that what if the person that you have a relationship would want to go someplace else, will he just break it off right before she leaves? He said that he might consider. But it depends on the situation and if he really loves her that much then he might. There is a lot of confusion in this area. So I asked him if he really loves her right now and he said yes. He asked me if I didn’t consider breaking up with my significant other before leaving the Philippines two years ago. Well I did but I told myself that why shouldn’t I try to make it work. If it works then we can go on but if it doesn’t then we won’t. I have chosen to keep it despite all the negativity that people is trying to plant in my head but they are not us. Yes it’s hard and LDR is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a lot of work and perseverance to keep and treasure the relationship that had a good foundation. But in the long run it will always pop in my mind why we’re not together physically but always come up with another question why I keep my loyalty.


If it’s hard then it’s worth it. If it’s easy then it isn’t.

Sincerely, Iya


Inspired by Mr. Torres’ romantic antics!



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