Guys and Sex

As I get out of bed today, I did the start of my routine; drink a glass of water, go to the bathroom to get the shit out I had yesterday, brush my teeth, wash my face, and comb my hair. I used to be someone who doesn’t do this. I am the laziest  person you’ll ever meet. I’ve been like for a few months now right when I decided that I had to improve something in me. And getting out of bed early at least made me feel better. I tried to get stuck in my phone while in bed because that will only prolong the minutes that I’m browsing and 30 minutes later, I had to rush this thing out of my body. But how can I? The first thing I do before the routine is to check messages from my significant other back at home. Maybe I should start to not do that. I will. But due to my lack of reason to myself this morning… because it’s my dayoff, I had to lie in bed three hours more. But lying in bed for three hours didn’t cause me to browse but to watch and start a series. I remember my bestfriend telling me in college that I should start watching Sex and the City because it’s interesting and it kinda relates to the three of us, me and my two bestfriends except.. we’re in our late teens and is in college in a not so city life. I was busy watching something else in YouTube back in college and it didn’t interest me. She told me that I might be inspired to write something interesting when I start watching it. Well, I now know why. I have decided to download all the seasons of Sex and the City because I loved the movie. I started watching it and I now realized why. The three of us back in college were one of those group of friends that loved the topic about guys and sex. They are addictive but at the same time full of stories behind them. I just watched the first two episodes and I enjoyed it. I remember well how we enjoyed talking about guys and sex and how we discussed how it would feel to do this and that. We were young and curious to feel.

I remember how I used to go out with some guys even though I have a boyfriend just to know how a guy would feel and do if they encountered someone like me.

I felt like the Carrie Bradshaw in me ticked and I actually had a flashback of all the guys I went out with in college or at least encountered. But it doesn’t matter now.. or does it? Are guys different in every country? Time to find out! Kidding!


Sincerely, Iya


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