Day Thoughts

How often do you appreciate life?

There are times when we don’t appreciate the air that we breathe every day and just complain why our lives didn’t come out like what others are experiencing better in life than us. But do you even look at yourself in the mirror? Or even take a look at your own apartment. Take the time once a day to look at your room, cabinet, bathroom, clothes, shoes, food, and job. These basic needs that a person needs to survive at least a day in life should be appreciated. We take things for granted. We shouldn’t do the same for the people around us. I am the type of person who is often jealous of what others have and always asks questions why I wasn’t raised in the same environment. If I am, then I would’ve been living in the same position as that person. But why do we do that? Is that human nature? Why do we hate or even fear the fact that we are not all the same? Some people fear difference and change. I used to be one or maybe I am still one.

I fear being different because being different means unacceptable and being unacceptable in any way will lead to a person’s self –esteem or even the ability to be confident. But acceptance should always come within a person first. I should be able to accept who I am before expecting other people to accept the way that I am. Maybe there is something that I should change in me to become better.

I fear change because it will make me feel the fear of experiencing something for the first time. This is bad. When being comfortable has sat within your home for a very long time, it kills you. You don’t learn or even progress. The person just stays there for as long as the person wants to.

I’ve been trying to reduce this kind of living everyday. But the social media impacts some of these aspects in life. Some article say this and that and we ten

 Learn to appreciate. Be different. Change for the better. Accept who you have become.




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