Photo Diary: Baguio City

IMG_0774My significant other and I went to this Japanese restaurant at Legarda in Baguio City. It says on TripAdvisor that it has been there since 2012 but I didn’t know that so when we went there, I was pretty amazed that this little traditional paradise exists. This is going to be an honest opinion. It is hard to look for a place in Baguio with such vibe. I love Japanese food plus places that are brown so this post is honest and biased at the same time. My significant other truly knows what I want when we go to places. It’s a little expensive but overall, I think it’s a great place for a date. They have tables both for couples, friends, and two or three tables for families. Read on if you want to see what we’re come to experience.

CHAYA (1)  CHAYA (3) CHAYA (4) CHAYA (5)


They have Japanese books to read here too.

CHAYA (7)  CHAYA (9) CHAYA (10) CHAYA (11) CHAYA (12) CHAYA (13)

This is their complimentary green tea ice cream which will make you feel like you can eat more of these and be guilt free.
CHAYA (14)

CHAYA (15) CHAYA (16)

CHAYA (17)CHAYA (18)CHAYA (22)

CHAYA (19)CHAYA (20)

We went to Chaya twice. Advance reservation is required.

I met one of my friends from college who just came home from Canada. We haven’t seen each other since our graduation in 2011. I wasn’t able to attend her despedida party so here I am. I was able to meet her finally.


This is my yearbook. It was published last year. I graduated in 2011 but they were only able to publish it last year. Finally. Going back to school felt nostalgic. Seeing some of my instructors from college feels awesome. And being able to go back what used to be my tambayan in my last year in college made me miss more of college and the little freedom I had.

Citylights Bar and Lounge, Baguio City

Now, I didn’t meet more of my friends from college. I mentioned it here in my previous posts that I had some issues and the one person that I did want to meet is currently in Olongapo. I couldn’t go there even if I wanted to. I lack enough money to visit before my flight. So I told her that maybe we can meet when she’s in Abu Dhabi already. I’m still torn between Europe and going home next year.

Sincerely, Iya


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