Cast Shoe!

I went to the doctor today and checked if they can remove the cast on my left leg which has been with me for five days now. It doesn’t hurt anymore and the Xray today shows that my foot’s in place. But the doctor has decided to keep the cast on my left food for two weeks more to complete its healing process. It’s only been five days and he’s not convinced that the bones are intact properly. This made me feel sad because I thought that it’s going to be another week for sick leave. I want to go back to work. I miss working. The doctor made us buy a cast shoe which I will need to use while walking at work. My ankle doesn’t hurt anymore though. But two weeks will just pass quickly and I’ll just have to deal with this.


So here it is. Its size is Large because the pharmacy within the hospital ran out of Medium sizes. I told my brother to just let it go. I’ll have it instead of driving again to another pharmacy. My bill with Saleem who is our private transport by the way has gotten higher and I’m afraid that 25% of my salary will go to him. I still need to pay my brother the money I borrowed to pay for the doctor’s fee.
I uploaded a vlog in my YouTube channel a few days ago about my boredom and my leg. Check it out if you have time. I was just talking and talking in the video. You can sense that I didn’t have anything to do so I created a vlog.

By the way, I was able to convince my bestfriend who is writing and knitting to transfer her blog content to WordPress and leave Blogspot as well! =)

Sincerely, Iya



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