Vacation Highlights

Since I deleted transformed to drafts all of my posts in Blogspot just to make sure nobody reads my writings and posts from there, I would love to share here highlights of my recent vacation in the Philippines. I’m a Tourism graduate but believe me, when I go on a vacation, I choose to see those places that are close to my heart which is Baguio City. Although this time, my love for the cold weather and fog never ceased as my significant other brought me to Mt. Sto. Thomas and Mt. Cabuyao. There were other places that we visited but I’ll just put in the caption where it is. Enjoy.


My stopover in Doha. I was waiting from my flight DOH to CRK. It is a big airport so it helped in my 3 and a half hours stop over because it’ll take like 15 minutes to walk from one gate to another.


I call this the Royal Staircase. I must say, Lewis Grand Hotel is a nice hotel in Clark. Although it’s near the red district, I still prefer this hotel because of its wide rooms, service, and pool! I made review of this hotel in TripAdvisor.


_DSC1100 _DSC1103




My significant other and I on our way home. It was a quicker trip because of TPLEX. We entered SCTEX and exited at TPLEX’s latest gate, Urdaneta. We’re hoping that by next year, it’ll be in Rosario, La Union.


When we arrived in my hometown, San Fernando City, La Union, he said that he has a surprise for me and he did! This photo above with the lighthouse is at Poro Point. For the past years that my significant other and I visits Thunderbird Resort for sunset watching, we were always curious and fascinated by the lighthouse. The road there wasn’t for public not until this year I guess. Well, the lighthouse is open only until 5 pm only so we weren’t able to go inside.

River Farm Restaurant near Baroro Bridge. You can either dine at the main restaurant or at the boat which will cost PhP 200 🙂


Mt. Sto. Thomas

  Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (26) Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (25)IMG_0776 IMG_0779

Cafe in the Sky

Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (36) Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (31) Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (30) Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (29) Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (28) Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (27)  Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (24) Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (14) Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (13) Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (7) Mt Cabuyao Mt Sto Tomas (1)


At Citylights Hotel after Buffet Breakast.

Baguio City

 IMG_0671 IMG_0672       IMG_0498

Surfshack @ San Juan, La Union

I didn’t dare take more photos.  A lot of other tourists are taking photos already.


Couldn’t find any Motorola Razr so I got this for PhP 1,500 🙂IMG_0490    IMG_0472 IMG_0473

Morning view from our house.

Thanks to my significant other for taking my photos and for picking me up at the airport.

Sincerely,Iya 👄


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