I ran yesterday and and today.  couldn’t think of any reason to stop. It made me feel free and the weather in the country is nice. It’s like the Philippines but with sand. Haha. I have decided to jog every night after work because I will never and ever tell myself or try to become a morning person. I guess it’s because of my lazy ass. My work starts at 10 am and I’m even lazy to get up at 6 am at least to go for a run. What the hell right? The thing is that I sleep late at night and I guess, I can never remove that fron my routine at this present situation in my life. There is a good news though with this second day in a row jog.. I was able to sleep properly and immediately! I am the type of perso who’s having trouble getting to sleep immediately. I’m just finishing up my hot tea now and then I’ll go to sleep. My heart’s at ease and work’s fine. I just miss my significant other, that’s all.  


Goodnight peeps. 

Iya 👄 


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