See More of Me

Okay here I go. I feel better now. He reached out today and we talked. Everything’s fine for now. That’s all that I can say. For now. I don’t know until when again will we be fine.

Anyways.. I’m not here writing this to talk about me and my significant other. Some people who are following my blog may know about my original blog in Blogspot. It had been my blog since 2010. Five years! Yes, it’s been five years and I transformed my posts to drafts. I wanted to delete it but there was no option to delete it since it’s in Public & GooglePlus. Thank you so much Google. Well I have finally decided to move here. This will be final I promise! Back in November I posted there that I would leave that blog but recently went back due to my emotional distress again. I find WordPress a real comfort zone but more interactive. I find articles that are more reasonable to read and followers that I can interact with from other parts of the globe which sounds awesome. So here I am, I will be posting here more often! I wanted to post about my vacation back in the Philippines but I’m still trying to decide what to share. I’m so careful what to share right now since I’m really going Public.

Well.. That’s it. I guess, you’ll see more of me here.

 photo OKw9B5f3x9Ia.gif
By the way, I noticed that my followers increased to 74! 🙂 Thank you so much!

Sincerely, Iya


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