One Heart Missing 

The newsletter approved today and my boss is happy. I feel glad of being able to accomplish something as big as the newsletter of our department. I felt like my designing and writing skills are kicking in again. And of course,just like before.. After the happiness comes the pain. I don’t want to get too deep on the pain that I’m going through right now. I’ve had enough drama and crying for today. It won’t make sense if I continue to but I’m not trying to stop it unless I’m at work. I went home late today due to some paperworks that I needed to finish. It’s so amazing how much pain and yearning I feel for someone who’s so far and has lost his trust in me. I cried to death reading those hurtful messages because of the hurt I caused him a year ago. Okay.. Here I go now talking about it. I don’t want to talk about it. My tea’s waiting for me and I shouldn’t left it to cold just because these tears keep on falling. I haven’t told my bestfriend or anyone about what happened. Did we break up? Or is it just a phase? If the man you love tells you that he may never trust you again and you’re unworthy to be his wife even though you’re trying so hard to be someone he’ll never see you will become,  what do you do? What? 
I’ll try to sleep this off with tears of fault and guilt. He said that he’ll need some to think.. About what? Leaving me.. 

Iya 👄


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