I have chosen not to

How stupid can I be to go back every time to your space and watch helplessly while you play there. Anybody can fall in love with a musician that is as good as you but why do I keep coming back for more? You’re like a cigarette that I love to get addicted to even though it’s bad for me. I am naive for sitting here miles away watching you play in front of my laptop when I can just call you any time if I wanted to. But I have chosen not to. I feel like every time I hear you play, my heart keeps on telling me that I want to be with you. But I have chosen not to.

This is enough. Watching you play from thousands of miles away would be a safer place for me. But why do you still have this effect on me? I will be honest with you, when I went home last year and this year, I wanted to meet you or at least say hi to you. Will I be able to say hi or just smile and stand there watching you look at me. But I have chosen not to.

You caught my eye and my heart once. I still let you catch it every time I waste my time hours in front of my laptop just to watch you play wishing that I could someday sit next to you and sing the songs that you play.

But I have chosen not to.

Sincerely, Iya


Guys and Sex

As I get out of bed today, I did the start of my routine; drink a glass of water, go to the bathroom to get the shit out I had yesterday, brush my teeth, wash my face, and comb my hair. I used to be someone who doesn’t do this. I am the laziest  person you’ll ever meet. I’ve been like for a few months now right when I decided that I had to improve something in me. And getting out of bed early at least made me feel better. I tried to get stuck in my phone while in bed because that will only prolong the minutes that I’m browsing and 30 minutes later, I had to rush this thing out of my body. But how can I? The first thing I do before the routine is to check messages from my significant other back at home. Maybe I should start to not do that. I will. But due to my lack of reason to myself this morning… because it’s my dayoff, Continue reading “Guys and Sex”

Day Thoughts

How often do you appreciate life?

There are times when we don’t appreciate the air that we breathe every day and just complain why our lives didn’t come out like what others are experiencing better in life than us. But do you even look at yourself in the mirror? Or even take a look at your own apartment. Take the time once a day to look at your room, cabinet, bathroom, clothes, shoes, food, and job. These basic needs that a person needs to survive at least a day in life should be appreciated. We take things for granted. We shouldn’t do the same for the people around us. I am the type of person who is often jealous of what others have and always asks questions why I wasn’t raised in the same environment. If I am, then I would’ve been living in the same position as that person. But why do we do that? Is that human nature? Why do we hate or even fear the fact that we are not all the same? Some people fear difference and change. I used to be one or maybe I am still one.

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Photo Diary: Baguio City

IMG_0774My significant other and I went to this Japanese restaurant at Legarda in Baguio City. It says on TripAdvisor that it has been there since 2012 but I didn’t know that so when we went there, I was pretty amazed that this little traditional paradise exists. This is going to be an honest opinion. It is hard to look for a place in Baguio with such vibe. I love Japanese food plus places that are brown so this post is honest and biased at the same time. My significant other truly knows what I want when we go to places. It’s a little expensive but overall, I think it’s a great place for a date. They have tables both for couples, friends, and two or three tables for families. Read on if you want to see what we’re come to experience.
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