Care less: Immune to Pain

Why do we want to stay? Why do we want to leave?

I had dinner with my significant other’s parents today. It’s like a ritual. An exclusive dinner with them before I leave the Philippines again. They kept asking about his plans, my plans, and our plans. He didn’t say anything. Not even his plan. Because it’s obvious, he just graduated from college and he still needs to finish his masterals to get his license. He needs to find a job. Yes, a job and where does that lead me? More time for myself! But I’ve had enough of being with myself. I want to be physically  with him too. This is where our arguments start. I don’t want to talk about it. I told them my initial plans for myself since he had not told me what his plans are.. or will be. I bet I’m never included with that and he’ll start with something like, “I want.. I will..” 

I became immune of the pain I feel and I started to stop caring. 

By the way, I am flying back to Bahrain in a few days.


Iya 👄


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