Incompatible Worths

Maybe I’m bitter or maybe I’m insecure. But whatever it is, I still don’t understand how someone like her could marry a guy like that. Not that they’re married now but soon to be because they just recently got engaged. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, marriage is something that I’m not looking forward to. It’s something useless that I could not see any reason why I want to get married. Legality? Rights? In the end, it’s all just crap. Wasting papers, time, money in doing something not worth having and cherished.

As I have mentioned before, my parents weren’t a good example of marriage. They don’t even sleep in the same bed any more. I don’t want to be like that.

So going back to this lady who is not really that close to me now (because I have decided to distance myself from her and her partner) is now engaged.

I removed her from my newsfeed a few months ago to avoid seeing oh so happy photos of them. Last night, I was curious to know how she’s doing and voila! A ring and a lot of congratulations posts on her wall. I didn’t like it so I deleted her from my friends list (pretty harsh Iya! Yes, I’m harsh). This is far beyond what I imagined.

The guy has a kid and I’m not against having a partner who’s got a kid but come on! For someone like her, she was really someone that I look up to and I won’t go deep to the details. All I can say is that she deserves way more than the douche, oh sorry, the dude with the kid.

But anyways, I’ll just try to be happy for her. But I pity the kid and the mom of the kid.



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