Dark Skies

It’s raining all day today in Bahrain and I never knew how much I missed such weather to occur until I realized that it’s happening. Dark skies and rain showers gives comfort to my heart. It reminds me of Baguio so much. Those days when I sit at Saint Cafe in SM smoking and drinking my cofee while watching the fog eat the the mountains fully occupied by houses that looked so small. It reminded me of skipping class just to chill at that perfect location of Saint Cafe. I was a coffee addict back then. And now, the dark clouds that rarely appear on this Bahrain skies reminds gives me so much comfort and yearning at the same time of a place that I can call my second home.

Dark skies and rainshowers.. and those secrets and stories hidden within years of self-discovery.


Getting Published!

I haven’t posted here in a long time. Just a short post because I saw my photo getting published in 100 copies of the hotel brochure and I would love to share it with you,dear followers. 

I posted my original photo with my logo on my blogspot site. But the chef didn’t like the act. Well, I was just trying to sell it in my blog without owning that I made the recipe or cooked it. I simple took the photo! Anyways, it feels nice to be officially published on hotel paper and not just any hotel paper, it’s the brochure that they give to the members 🙂 

I’m blogging from work right now and from my phone. I was just really excited to share it here.

By the way, I’m going back home in 11 days! 



Incompatible Worths

Maybe I’m bitter or maybe I’m insecure. But whatever it is, I still don’t understand how someone like her could marry a guy like that. Not that they’re married now but soon to be because they just recently got engaged. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, marriage is something that I’m not looking forward to. It’s something useless that I could not see any reason why I want to get married. Legality? Rights? In the end, it’s all just crap. Wasting papers, time, money in doing something not worth having and cherished.

As I have mentioned before, my parents weren’t a good example of marriage. They don’t even sleep in the same bed any more. I don’t want to be like that.

So going back to this lady who is not really that close to me now (because I have decided to distance myself from her and her partner) is now engaged.

I removed her from my newsfeed a few months ago to avoid seeing oh so happy photos of them. Last night, I was curious to know how she’s doing and voila! A ring and a lot of congratulations posts on her wall. I didn’t like it so I deleted her from my friends list (pretty harsh Iya! Yes, I’m harsh). This is far beyond what I imagined.

The guy has a kid and I’m not against having a partner who’s got a kid but come on! For someone like her, she was really someone that I look up to and I won’t go deep to the details. All I can say is that she deserves way more than the douche, oh sorry, the dude with the kid.

But anyways, I’ll just try to be happy for her. But I pity the kid and the mom of the kid.