First Photography Job

After 10 years, I am finally getting one of those sub-dream jobs that I used to want back in high school! I am getting my first photoshoot for one of the restaurants of our hotel and it’s a big honor since they are trusting my skills with this. Ahem, well.. I’m a bit nervous as well because it was the manager of the restaurant who personally asked me for the photoshoot tomorrow at 5 pm! He asked me to go to the restaurant at 5pm and take photos for our upcoming promotions. This is the steakhouse so.. I’m nervous because I’m pressured too! This is not just your ordinary restaurant. It’s a restaurant inside a 5 star property.

Wish me luck! I will take out Squidee tonight and clean him, get him ready for the shoot tomorrow!

I might not post the photos here since it’s for our promotion but will try to post at least the finished product before sending out the flyers.




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