Lost Friendships

When are driven to write? Most of the time, failure or success in love. It’s one of those topics that will never get old and people will always relate to. But of all the different types of love written about, we forget about the love that we share with our friends. Friends who have been there for long even before the love of our life came. I loved writing about my love for my friends and it made me realize how miserable I was to be jealous of what’s happening in their life and it’s not the same with mine. We all have our own great stories of friendship, family, and love. But friendship is something sacred that is sometimes abused. I recently had a conversation with one of my closest friends in college. She asked my why I deleted some of our friends from Facebook. I told her that I’m trying to protect myself from disappointment and is cutting myself away from negativity due to some of our friends who doesn’t even bother to drop a message or in short, those who doesn’t seem to care and keep in touch. She made me realize that we’re not living in college any more and that we all have different priorities now. She told me that they (the friends I deleted) were upset with what I have done. On my perspective, I see that I don’t want to connect to people who doesn’t seem interested in connecting with me. I tried to reach out but I didn’t get any reply. She told me the story about priorities again. Hmmm. I wasn’t able to answer or reply to her statement. She told me that just because they don’t keep in touch that I immediately have the right to cut them out of my life. It hurt when she told me that she doesn’t seem to know me any more. I wasn’t able to reply to that as well. I couldn’t answer hormones cause this topic is not a joke. It’s about friendships built 8 years ago as early as we stepped in college as strangers in 2007.

I had a lot of alone time and had a hard time finding friends too abroad. They don’t know how hard it is to open to people who seem to always judge you with every move you make. I hold all of them dear to my heart but when the communication stopped, I felt ignored. I haven’t grown away from this attitude. I always want someone to verbally reply to me or even say hi. But is that a big problem? I mean, that’s how I am. I slowly turned to this lonely not so fun person that I used to be when I was in the Philippines due to a lack of friends? Maybe.

Or maybe I’m jealousy of how happy they are right now even though they’re in the Philippines and I’m stuck here in Bahrain unhappy, or am I?


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