Journey to Self-Acceptance

For some, it is truly a magnificent journey to travel abroad and live the dreams that you are destined to face. But sometimes we tend to dream too much that we don’t think about the yearning of home. Only when we set foot in another country that we realized how much we miss home and the comfort but we also tend to think of the reason why we had to leave because of some things that we don’t like in our comfort zone. We become too comfortable that we stop dreaming. Yes, contentment should be considered but dreaming of facing something greater is not going against contentment. We are all different people and we have different levels of contentment as well.

Living abroad has taught me how much trust can be built and broken. Being away from the place I was born only made me convinced that I can only trust 5 to 6 people and that people at work doesn’t necessarily become or should become a friend. Yes, we need to build relationships inside and outside work, but building friendship is something that is supposed to be taken seriously. I only have a few people in my life that I have chosen to keep as friends. FRIENDS by definition became different when I turned 24. I have learned to accept that acquaintances are far different from friends. In college, we tend to say that the people we knew from first meeting become our friend or the friends of our friends are our friends too. It’s college so it was a place to explore and meet new people. By the time I stepped out of college, I knew that I could trust and meet only those friends whom I built that foundation in college..

When I had some conflicts with some of my long trusted friends, I started to assess how bad was I to treat them that way? I started to realize how selfish I was in ditching our meetings just to be with my significant other which I find now pretty stupid. I tend to be so needy of my significant other back then. Only a year ago that I realized that I shouldn’t even be needing him that much.

I should only need me.

A sentence that a woman in her early 20s should tell herself. I shouldn’t be someone who is begging for acceptance from someone who will never understand and accept who I am.

Happiness is born from within ourselves, not from another person.

..not until you learn how to love unconditionally.


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