Iya’s Going 80% Public

I am currently clearing my Pending Public Holidays. I was off yesterday and 2 days PH! So that’s makes me have more time to eat! Nah.. Guess what? Since I have decided to go public and all, I have created an Instagram and Twitter account. Yes, yes. It’s all against what I said before but I was thinking that this might be a good thing. I had a Twitter account before and it was fun cos I was still in college back then and I used Twitter to get news about weather forecasts etc. I told myself before that I deleted my Instagram and Twitter account before to clear my head of keeping my  social networking sites updated. For an hour, I’ve been trying hard to put the Twitter and Instagram widgets but I encountered a headache trying to figure it out. I don’t have the patience right now and besides, WordPress requires the account to be 100% public to be able to get the data. I don’t like that. My Twitter and Instagram are private accounts that needs approval first of followers and viewers. So I am going to inform you guys, my sweet readers and followers here at WordPress that if you would like to get real-time updates with me while waiting for a blog post, you can follow me at:

IG: @raivergz

Twitter: @raivergz

You might be wondering why it’s raivergz. Well, Rai is a part of my first name and Vergz is a part of my second name.

You can also check my other websites that I created during my teenage years




I am still updating my deviantart accounts sometimes if I am in the mood of uploading. I’m currently doing this process of printing photos first before posting them online or might not post them at all specially those photos taken by Squidee.

I hope that I won’t lost followers due to me going public. I also noticed that I already have 65 followers! Kudos to me! Ha ha. I will make a separate special post for my sweet readers and followers.

Till here. 🙂



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