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Since it’s not busy, I have found myself at work looking at our properties within GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) countries. Our hotel employees are privileged to stay in other properties with a specific employee rate. I might as well take advantage of this wonderful offer of the company. I’m doing my best to save money and travel at least on to the next Arab country that I can go. I wanted to go to Abu Dhabi since one of my friends in college will be moving there this year. Her sister and brother-in-law is staying there for a few years now. I’ve been looking ahead on the dates that I can go. My first plan is to go on October this year since that’s a month where summer shifts to winter and it’s a great time to travel. The weather will be nice and I will be able to go out any time I want. However, since as early as October we are getting advance reservations for the Christmas Brunch which happens every year, I need to at least stay. YES. So it means that I only have time to go to this superb planned solo trip of mine in January.. After all the events are done and people are done spending their money! I hope that all my plans will go into order. I wanted to stay there at least for 5 days to rejuvenate myself after the havoc of December. I have mentioned in my previous post that I have learned a lot of in 2014 and this is one of my big plans for me. I wanted to be able to travel alone in a place where I don’t need to check my phone every time and I don’t need to worry about anybody who’s going to look for me. I even plan to not bring my smartphone, just Squidee and a prepaid roaming phone for emergency calls and texts. I don’t want to be stressed with seeing my smartphone lying next to me while trying to enjoy a vacation planned a year ago. I wanted to go to Paris or London but that’s out of my budget. And so far, I’m trying to accept and be contented with what my hands can reach in the meantime. I’m planning of saving BD100 every month for that trip! I hope everything goes well and no emergencies back at home within the year.



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