Mariya’s Going Public

Hello WordPress!

Guess what? I gained 3 kilograms I think? In just two hours! 🙂 Why? Because we have some company benefits that we need to use at least once every six months inside the hotel 😉 Well, I was never able to meet my brother and my sister-in-law last Christmas & New Year’s Eve because of my work, so I brought them to work tonight in our regular Seafood Night which is every Wednesdays and Thursdays @ BD18++. I told myself that I won’t wear my dress and all because of the cold weather but then it wasn’t even that cold so I have decided to wear a dress. Yes, the last time I wore a dress was on my 24th birthday.

But before I could show my face to you my lovely readers and followers, please let me show you something that I love about the company I’m working for. Every year, we get to have items that has the logo of the company and last year, we got sweaters which is awesome because we can use it in the cold weather but I ended up giving to my mother back home in the Philippines since I have a lot of sweaters and jacket in my closet already. So this year, I heard rumors that it’s going to be a travelling bag but I thought that maybe, the company wouldn’t spend that much but whoa! It’s true!

_DSC0869 _DSC0871 _DSC0867

Well I guess, my plan to buy myself a new travelling bag will now be cancelled plus I can save more money. Thanks to the company. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a television or at least a microwave on the Staff party. Last year, I was able to receive a blender and I sent it home to my mother in the Philippines.

So tonight, I have decided to dine in one of our restaurants which famous for its Buffets. Every Wednesday and Thursday is our Seafood Night and even though I’ve been working in the company for almost two years, I haven’t tried dining at La Med for Seafood Night. Since I love sushi & sashimi, this is the perfect buffet for me.

Please let me introduce to you my one and only older brother..

_DSC0807 _DSC0810

Yes, squidee seems to be sleepy or maybe it’s my hand movement. Sorry for some blurred photos, I haven’t held my camera for a few weeks now. This is my sister-in-law who I am so grateful giving me items that I need such as the boots that I’ll show later.

_DSC0808 _DSC0809

_DSC0813 _DSC0814 _DSC0815_DSC0816 _DSC0818  _DSC0828


My favorites. I am going public with how much I love seafood and Japanese food as well.

_DSC0825 _DSC0826

Hello, sweet followers and readers, My name is Mariya. Thanks to my brother for taking this photo of mine. The focus seems to be on the food and not on me. Ha ha ha. Well, this is me. Take it or leave it. I am Mariya, the writer and owner of this blog.

_DSC0840 _DSC0839


My brother doesn’t have a proper face in photos ever since and I guess I’m used to that.

_DSC0835 _DSC0836

_DSC0831 _DSC0819


I hope they enjoyed and happy with my treat. Seriously, I want to keep on treating them because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here in Bahrain. 🙂 So every meal I treat them is a thank you for everything that they have done for me.



Family Photo! 😉





Yes we love taking photos of ourselves. Thanks to my brother for taking this photo. _DSC0834








In short, we all did have a great time and our tummies are so full! Oh look at the time, it’s 1 am and I have to go to work at 10am. I need to go to sleep now sweet readers. I don’t why I sound so happy today. Maybe this is the effect of eating my favorite food. Well, I’ll post tomorrow about the boots that I was talking about in the earlier part of this post.

I hope that my current followers and readers wouldn’t be dismayed with me going public. I hope all of you have a great evening or morning or afternoon ahead wherever you re in the world right now.

**Please don’t use my photos without my permission. Thank you.

Here’s a selfie of someone who is so satisfied for her dinner and full.




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